Agony Crossbow
Agony Crossbow model viewer
Found:Chapter 3
(Claws of the Horde)

Chapter 6
(Losing Grip on Ourselves)

Weapon Information
Rate of Fire:Low
Magazine Size:1
Maximum Ammunition:2 of each type (initial)

5 of each type (max)

The Agony Crossbow is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within. It has different ammunition types that can be found in the environment or crafted from trap parts. Picking up a new type of bolt will make it available for crafting.

The Crossbow's melee attack has Sebastian swing it like a pickaxe, driving its limb into the enemy.


The Agony Crossbow is found in Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde. There's a house to the left of the closed village gates, with a Haunted sniper on the balcony. Inside the house there's a spacious two story room with a staircase connecting the upper and lower floors. The Crossbow is lying on a chair at the far end of the second story. You can also get the Agony Crossbow from the building to the right of the closed gate. It is on the first floor, lying against a table.

The Agony Crossbow can also be found in Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves. After you get out of the Safe Haven you climb the boxes and go through a hole in the wall to another room and there you find a chest. Inside that chest you find ammo for your Crossbow but if you missed the Agony Crossbow in the Chapter 3 you will find The Agony Crossbow there.

Agony Bolts

Explosive Bolt

"An explosive warhead for the Agony Crossbow which will detonate when enemies approach. It can be placed on things like floors and walls, and even enemies."
The Explosive bolt can be used as a means for extreme crowd control. It might not be able to kill Haunted members outright, but it will down any caught within the blast. Caution is advised as it may harm the player, especially if used against rushing bosses. Some Haunted members make use of the bolt, but a cautious player can disarm and steal them for themselves.

Flash Bolt

"A warhead for the Agony Crossbow which can blind opponents with a powerful flash. Blinded opponents can be killed from any direction with a Sneak Kill."
This bolt can be used as a means to calm the tide of hordes of the Haunted if the player is trying to conserve ammunition from their other weapons. Players can 'Sneak Kill' blinded foes or take to shooting the stunned enemies who will not move for a short period of time. It will also kill the baby Alter-egos. Its effectiveness against bosses only apply with Sadist and Amalgam Alpha (only when its eye is out), however.

Harpoon Bolt

"A powerful harpoon for the Agony Crossbow which will impale opponents."
A cheap bolt using few parts, it has high knockback (especially when upgraded) and does a lot of damage, killing Haunted, even when not aiming for the head (though rarely they survive). It will send the Haunted flying, sometimes pinning the corpse to the wall, and may halt bosses such as the Keeper on repeated use. When fully upgraded it will also do fire damage, possibly making this useful against bosses such as Laura.

Poison bolt

This bolt is exclusive to pre-order copies of the game. When the posion bolt hits a Haunted, it causes a small amount of damage to the victim over a short period of time. It can kill some of the weaker Haunted after a short period of time. It causes smaller enemies to double over in pain and hold their chest as if coughing and heaving, occasionally purple poison mist will also be released.

Freeze Bolt

"A Warhead for the Agony Crossbow which will temporarily freeze struck opponents. Except for certain enemies, the target will break apart after freezing."

Can kill weaker enemies upon being frozen and can freeze stronger enemies in place for a short period of time. It is effective against hordes of Haunted as upon being frozen, they are dead, saving ammo. It can even kill Ruvik's doppelganger in one hit. Against bosses, it can give Sebastian enough time to spew enough damage.

Incendiary Bolt

This bolt is exclusive to pre-order copies of the game as is the Poison Bolt. This bolt however is considerably effective against many enemies due to the Haunted's weakness to fire. It is expensive however, costing 5 trap parts to create one, but in small narrow areas, it can be used to eliminate whole hordes of the Haunted. It can be used against Laura when trying to buy time. When fired the bolt shoot out jets of fire in three directions.

Shock Bolt

"A bolt with a Taser taped to it. Shockingly powerful."
Can be used to stun enemies, opening them up to being killed by a match. The Shock Bolt can be used to destroy traps like the Spiked Disc Trap introduced in Chapter 13. It's useful against bosses as it gives Sebastian time to cause mayhem with other weapons he has.


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