"As self-consciousness waned, a sort of stasis was achieved. Like two creatures sewn together, and forced to live as one, eternally hating the other. Delicious. "
―Ruvik, describing the birth of the AlterEgo

AlterEgo are enemies that appear in The Evil Within, pursuing and tormenting the player in many chapters. AlterEgo is the result of connecting a subject with dissociative identity disorder to the STEM device.


Once human, AlterEgos wear only the remains of their clothes, and the pulsating, exposed muscle appears to be heavily disfigured by their second personality, which has now overtaken them. Some have sharp bone claws which protrude from their hands, dealing more damage than a knife or fists of regular Haunted. The main characteristic of this monster is the second deformed head which sprouts from its neck. This head has a big mouth full of teeth, which is used to bite and moan at the victims and can spit acid at the player. Sometimes, a tentacle exits from the chest of the AlterEgo, that end in a rather small, arachnoid-like monster, which will instantly kill Sebastian if it grabs hold of his head.


The multiple heads symbolizes the multiple personalities of the original subjects. The dominant and alternate personalities are blended together into a single two-headed creature. 


AlterEgos behave as a similar enemy type to the Haunted. They deal more damage and have marginally more health. However, they are extremely resistant to critical hits; even with a fully upgraded handgun, it is extremely rare to kill them with a critical hit headshot, although headshots still do slightly more damage to them than body shots. However, a headshot from the sniper rifle will kill them in one shot, even without upgrades.

AlterEgos have an improved grab move that drains the player's health at approximately twice the rate of the normal Haunted. They also have a chest tentacle that will instantly kill the player character if he gets within range.

AlterEgos cannot be stealth killed and must be dealt with using weapons, environmental elements, or outright avoided. Note, however, that AlterEgos are susceptible to stomp kills if they spawn on a downed/ crawling position; a kick on a crawling/ downed AlterEgo will topple it to a vulnerable position for a simple stomp to finish it off thus saving ammunition and matches when the opportunity exists. AlterEgos are also somewhat clumsy compared to Haunted and may stumble and fall into a downed position when charging at the player

Death AnimationsEdit

  • If Sebastian stands too close to an AlterEgo, the creature will project an insectoid tentacle from its chest that latches onto and rips off his head, killing him instantly.


  • The "dominant" head is the normally placed head (the one with the sharp teeth), as destroying it results in an instant kill. Exploding the human head doesn't slow the creature down; it still attacks.
  • Its design is reminiscent of the cancelled Parasite Woman enemy from Resident Evil 4. Additionally, the tentacle exiting its chest resembles the Las Plagas parasite.
  • The AlterEgo first appears in Chapter 7 as an enemy, though technically its first appearance is in Chapter 2, where one crawls on top of Sebastian in a nightmare.


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