Amalgam Alpha
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Height:12'10 (3.9 m)
Mass:2.1 tons
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within

The Executioner

The Amalgam Alpha is an enemy boss encountered in The Evil Within and The Executioner DLC. 


The Alpha is a physical manifestation of the final consciousness of test subjects who died while connected to the STEM, combined into one single, horrific shape. It attacks anything that moves, any attempts to flee from it leads to certain death.


The Amalgam Alpha is first encountered at the end of Chapter 8 where it suddenly appears behind the player whilst they are traveling back through the asylum. It immediately chases them through the corridor until they reach the reception desk, where it breaks off the pursuit.

After Marcelo Jimenez attempts to connect Leslie to STEM in order to find a way out the mindscape, his actions draw Ruvik's attention and the Amalgam is summoned in the chamber. Although Sebastian and Leslie manage to evade the beast, it proceeds to crush a hysterical Jimenez before hurling Sebastian into a underground car park where it engages him in a final battle.


The Evil Within

The weakness is the eye

The Amalgam Alpha must be ran from all the times it is encountered except at the end of Chapter 10, where it must finally be killed.

Keep shooting at it with your most powerful weapons and quickly dash out of its way. It can cover ground very quickly, and it has a large reach.

There are 2 small breakrooms on the parking lot where it is fought, these have some supplies, but Amalgam will try to grab you, and smash you through the wall so being quick there is important.

After it has taken a certain amount of damage, it will occasionally flip itself over and emit purple smoke. It will revert back to its original state after some time, but whilst it is in this "flipped" mode it exposes a grotesque mouth that can deliver a one-hit kill attack. Avoid letting it get in range, or Sebastian will die.

When enough health is wittled, it'll start to limp its way to your location and its chest will reveal an eye. This is its weakspot, hammer away, and it'll be dead in no time. Explosive Agony Bolt, Shotgun, and Magnum are highly recommended.

When killed, it leaves a pool of 20000 green gel.

The Executioner

In The Executioner, the Amalgam Alpha is the second-to-last boss encountered in the game. It is listed in STEM as subject CB-210, a psychiatric patient. When fighting the Amalgam Alpha, the easiest way to deal the greatest damage is to use the cars scattered around the parking garage. It is not recommended to use melee attacks on the Amalgam Alpha.

When Amalgam flings one at the player, the player is able to hit it back at the creature. One must wait until the car explodes in front of the Amalgam, as this temporarily stuns it. After a car explodes on Amalgam, it is rendered completely defenseless and the player can go in for melee attacks. However, flinging cars at Amalgam Alpha may not always work, since it sometimes repels cars with a purple aura. This can be repeated several times before it is defeated. Be careful with the cars they are not infinite.


  • Amalgam Alpha appears to be heavily inspired by the Split-Face in the 2011 prequel to John Carpenter's "The Thing", as their bodies, posture, and design are extremely similar. They both have bony masses of flesh for bodies, they both walk on all fours, they both have two faces in the front of the creature, and they both have a large tentacle that can protrude from their back; in the case of the Amalgam Alpha, ending in a large eye for searching.
  • In The Executioner, the Amalgam Alpha's appearance is slightly different from the The Evil Within version. The front of the creature is flipped upside down.


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