An Emergency Call is the first chapter of The Evil Within.


The story begins when veteran police detective Sebastian Castellanos and his colleagues Juli Kidman and Joseph Oda are called to investigate the scene of what was called a "mass homicide" at the Beacon Mental Hospital. When Sebastian asks about the current situation, the radio loses connection and emits a deafening static noise. The group, however, thinks nothing of it as they arrive at the hospital.

When you gain control, move through the parking lot (there is nothing to see here), and step up to the doors of the hospital. Once inside, walk up to the check-in desk to trigger a cinematic, where Joseph finds a doctor, who is alive, but in a state of shock. Joseph advises Sebastian to check the security cameras. Walk up to the big computer panel to trigger another cinematic, where the footage shows three officers shooting at something off-camera; a figure in a white hood suddenly appears and slits their throats instantly before looking up at the camera and vanishing. Moments later, the same man ambushes Sebastian from behind, knocking him unconscious.

When you wake up, you're going to find out that you're hung upside down with other bodies. Don't move or look around! A Sadist appears in your vision, so stay still until he moves to the other side of the room, cutting up a body with his back to you. Now the objective is to get free. Right in front is a Knife stuck in a body (it shines silver). To get the knife, follow the on-screen instructions to swing back and forth until you automatically grab the knife. After another short cinematic, sneak up to one of the walls separating you from the butcher. However, even though you have a weapon, don't try to kill him, as this will result in an instant death, and the game will reload the auto-save. It can be done (see Trivia for the Sadist), but is generally not a good idea. Wait until he is done mutilating the body, and then sneak in (following on-screen hints), grabbing the glowing blue keys hanging by the body. Note that you have to stand up in order to reach them, so make sure to do it quick, before the butcher comes back into the room.

Sneak back out the way you came and use the newly acquired keys to open the red door on the left. Walk up the stairs (don't bother with sneaking) and down the metal walkway. Unfortunately, a cinematic plays of the detective tripping an alarm, and now you've got the butcher starting his chainsaw and chasing after. Run until another cinematic plays, where the butcher gets you in the leg (it can't be avoided), and locks you in with spinning spiked wheels, which get nearer and nearer to the center of the room with each second. Limp-run until you see a glowing yellow plate on the ground. Quickly activate it, and you'll slide down a meat chute. Be sure to slide left and right (and vice versa) to avoid the meat grinders on the way down. You'll eventually end up in a bloody sewer.

Keep going down the halls and drops until you reach a body in a wheelchair. Note the shining document at his feet. This is one of the collectibles in the game. Pick up the document and continue to navigate the ladders and hallways until you see a desk and computer behind iron bars. There is another document on the table.

Continue making your way through this part of the hospital, and soon you will find yourself in a hall lined with lockers. Take it all the way to the end, before you hear the guttural roars and roar of the chainsaw wielding brute again. Quickly approach the large blue locker at the end and hide in it (press the sneak button while facing it). The sadist will burst into the room, so patiently wait until his tantrum and chainsaw waving is over, as he saws through the white door on the right of the locker. After he has left, exit the locker and sneak down the new hallway. Conveniently, the butcher is blocking the way out, so you need a way to distract him so he moves out of the way. This is where you will be introduced to Bottles. Wait until his back is turned and sneak in, picking up the bottle and hiding behind the left stack of boxes, but not too far in, or he'll see you! With the bottle still in hand, turn to face the doorway and throw the bottle, which will smash against the wall. As the butcher runs to investigate, run to the empty passageway in front of you.

Keep going as fast as possible through the tight twists and turns of the hospital, before you find yourself in a corridor filled with wheelchairs and hospital beds. Just as you enter, the butcher reappears behind you, revving his chainsaw! Run a fast as possible to the waiting elevator, and ride it up, escaping the brute. Once the elevator cinematic stops, make a rush for the hospital doors and a long cinematic of leaving the city, and its the end of the first chapter!

Collectibles Edit

Type of Collectible:Title:Location

  • Document: Old Note from Sewer: This one will be right in your path. You'll find it while limping through the sewers, in front of a wheelchair, shortly before reaching the boiler room.
  • Document: Boiler Room Note: Shortly after the first Document you will have to climb a ladder. At the top you will see a desk with a lamp behind some bars. The document is on top of that desk.

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