An Emergency Call is the first chapter of The Evil Within. While on patrol, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his steadfast partner Joseph Oda, along with their trainee, Juli Kidman, recieve a call in Officer Connelly's car, and make their way to the purported Beacon Mental Hospital, hearing a high-pitched noise along the way.

Story Edit

As soon as the trio arrives, they advise Officer Connelly to wait by the patrol car and contact the station.

After they head through the parking lot, numerous vacant police cruisers already parked throughout it. Sebastian and Joseph head into the hospital, deciding Kidman ought to wait outside. As the pair head through the entrance, they discover that a massacre has taken place, countless patients and orderlies lying gored across the lobby. Joseph runs on ahead, finding a doctor lying dazed in the security room. Sebastian runs on in to check it out, Joseph telling him to check the security cameras. Sebastian looks on in horror as three of his fellow officers are each slaughtered before his very eyes by a hooded figure on the live feed of a nearby floor. Before he has time to turn around, Sebastian finds the man directly behind him, quickly being stabbed by an orbitoclast before falling unconscious.

Sebastian awakens hanging upside down in what appears to be a meat dungeon of sorts, numerous other bodies hung throughout. At Sebastian begins to get a sense of his surroundings, a vicious butcher known as the Sadist heads into the room, chopping a body in half and dragging it over to his counter to continue his work. Sebastian grabs a knife from a nearby corpse and cuts himself free. Once the Sadist leaves, Sebastian retrieves a set of keys hanging by a hook near his counter, and quickly exits the room before he returns, unlocking the exit door and heading up the stairs and down an upper hallway. Sebastian sets off a tripwire, alerting the Sadist, who almost instantly appears behind him with a chainsaw. Sebastian runs from him, the Sadist eventually getting close enough to slice Sebastian's calf. Sebastian begins crawling away as the Sadist traps Sebastian in a cell filled with spinning blades.

Sebastian limps over to a hatch and drops through, landing in a pool of blood. After climbing out, Sebastian heads through a hallway and into a sewer-like area, where he collects a note left by a dead patient and climb a ladder near a few doors barred shut and covered in barbed wire.

When Sebastian reaches the top, he grabs a mysterious document recording the results of experiments and presses a button to open a door, continuing through the hospital. Hearing the Sadist once more, Sebastian hides in a locker, and witnesses the Sadist destroy several objects in the room while searching for him. After he leaves, Sebastian must sneak past him in an open room and make his way through the back. Once he does this, the Sadist bursts through the door and chases Sebastian over several wheelchairs and a gurney to an elevator. Sebastian makes it, the Sadist attempting to drive his chainsaw through the doors. Sebastian catches his breath, spitting out blood and finding that he is out of cigarettes.

When Sebastian makes it back to the main floor of the hospital he finds that the ceiling is crumbling and unstable, running through down the hallway, through the lobby and out the entrance. Sebastian finds Oscar starting up an ambulance, the city falling apart around them. Sebastian catches up and clibs in through the window, all the others besides Joseph holed up in the back. As they drive off, the hooded figure can be seen on the roof of the hospital, and once again in the side mirror of the ambulance.

Thanks to Oscar's excellent maeuvering, they make it out of the collapsing city relatively unscathed, until the road mysteriously comes to an end at the end of a tunnel, the ambulance flying over the edge before they can do anything about it.

Collectibles Edit

Documents Edit

  • Document - Old Note from Sewer: This one will be right in your path. You'll find it while limping through the sewers, in front of a wheelchair, shortly before reaching the boiler room.
  • Document - Boiler Room Note: Shortly after the first Document you will have to climb a ladder. At the top you will see a desk with a lamp behind some bars. The document is on top of that desk.
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