This section contains spoilers for The Evil Within.

Audio Log #1: Experiment No.4 (Chapter 3)Edit

Ruvik: Experiment number four, subject numbers four through thirteen: brain wave activity diminished but synchronization achieved. Subjects should begin experiencing a shared consciousness. Previous trials indicated rapid deterioration of consciousness. Their minds became an exquisite mass: an amalgam of mental carrion. I'll have to connect myself if I want to experience their terror before it diminishes.

Audio Log #2: Assimilated Consciousness (Chapter 5)Edit

Ruvik: Assimilation of the subject's consciousness. Initial symptoms: sharp pain in brainstem centered on insertion point, followed by gradual onset of hemorrhaging as capillaries dilate. Over time, degradation of the ego generates strong suicidal tendencies. They lose who they are and become clay, completely reshape-able in my image, but not me. Something keeps me from staying completely within...

Audio Log #3: Ernesto Victoriano (Chapter 6)Edit

Ruvik: Father was a stern man. Proud, and I thought intelligent. But he was also pious. A believer. Somehow he always supported the church, no matter what the newspapers said. He waved away the allegations as if they were infallible. The wretched, the vermin, the stern... All were taken in by that church. They were promised salvation and eternal life. But there's nothing they could promise that I couldn't take away.

Audio Log #4: Guardian (Chapter 7)Edit

Ruvik: That cockroach, that sycophant; living off of me, feeding off of my work. I'll have to figure out how he got the combination to my safe. But there's no time for that now; I'm so close. No one can ever have that data. It is mine. My only way... Whoever opens that safe next had better be ready to pay the price.

Audio Log #5: AlterEgo (Chapter 8)Edit

Ruvik: Aberrant brain wave patterns observed in subject numbers 25 and 33, and now again in 55. The one common factor is a case history of dissociative identity disorder. Previous experiments on the prefrontal cortex led to degradation of sense of self, but there were unanticipated results here: suicidal thoughts of alternate personalities exhibited as attacks on the core personality. As self-consciousness waned, a sort of stasis was achieved, like two creatures sewn together and forced to live as one, eternally hating the other. Delicious.

Audio Log #6: Psychic Barriers (Chapter 9)Edit

Ruvik: Maximum frequency stimulation of cortical regions has proven less than effective. The subjects scream and scream but they die much too quickly. Tailored settings achieve better results. The only question that remains is which regions to focus on. Fear, hope, consent, trust, envy... Three of these are pivotal. But which will open the way?

Audio Log #7: Laura (Chapter 10)Edit

Ruvik: Everything I have, everything I am, has been taken from me since the "accident" by those who seek to consume me. There in the darkness, with only the phantoms of my mind to comfort me, to taunt me, I nearly lost myself completely. But then I saw her. Deep down I knew she was only an apparition, but I would regain my face, recover what was taken from me. Restore her, my beloved sister, Laura.

Audio Log #8: Searching (Chapter 11)Edit

Ruvik: Somehow I can see that light, that shaft of light from the lighthouse, from anywhere in this place. It seems to penetrate everything; penetrate me. That view of the hospital is not my memory, yet somehow it is more solid than anything I have made exist here. Was it always there? Something has changed under that light. It calls. It repulses. It draws the others. They think they'll reach the source, regain what they have lost. They don't even know what that is.

Audio Log #9: Imprisoned (Chapter 15)Edit

Ruvik: The sedative they used on me must have been my own. I was aware of every slice, every severed nerve, every tug of flesh pulled away from my bones until absolute darkness overtook me. Darkness and pain. A thousand other sensations as they probed my cerebrum, examined my work. An eternity of intensity; pain, pleasure, rage, ecstasy, blending together into single piercing noise, until the darkness was broken by sparks, like twinkling starlight. The pain, the noise, the light blends together, takes shape. It's a place I know so well... My prison. My home.

Audio Log #10: Betrayal (Chapter 15)Edit

Ruvik: By the time I realized Jimenez had betrayed me, it was too late. I was so close. He knew it. Knew that I was too focused to notice when he'd brought those men. They'd never gotten past my traps otherwise. Their device is a perversion of my own. The device I should have created. My data, my equipment, my theories, my mind... They replaced my husk of a body with... a new dimension of torment.

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