The Automatic Handgun is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within. It is the weapon used by Joseph & Julie Kidman. Sebastian also owns an automatic handgun, but only uses it in combat when grabbed by large enemies.

Performance Edit

This weapon performs better in combat compared to Sebastian's revolver. It deals more damage and it is more accurate. It does not have the random variable that causes the bullet to fire outside the reticle. It also fires slightly faster than Sebastian's revolver.


The Automatic Handgun is only found as a usable weapon in the hands of Kidman in The Assignment and The Consequence. In the main game, Sebastian has his own version of the gun by default in a pouch on the back of his belt. The player cannot use it in standard gameplay, only in a few scripted moments.

Trivia Edit

  • The unlockable Burst Handgun is a reskin of this weapon.
  • This gun resembles the real-life Colt .45 handgun.
  • This handgun is slightly more powerful than the standard-issue one Sebastian uses. When using the Automatic Handgun, Kidman/Sebastian can kill or stun certain enemies in as little as one hit. Kidman demonstrates its power when she is trapped during the DLC, and Sebastian uses it to free himself from certain bosses and finish off Ruvik with a single shot.
  • It is never explained where Sebastian obtains this weapon or why he does not use it in combat, but this is likely a gameplay conceit as its role is already fulfilled by the standard handgun. Alternatively, it could simply be a personal backup pistol with little ammo to spare. Most likely, the developers originally intended for Sebastian to have the Automatic Handgun instead of the Revolver, but this was changed and they forgot to edit those instances where Sebastian had an Automatic Handgun instead of his Revolver.
  • When Kidman has the weapon equipped, the way she holds it is an homage to Resident Evil 4 because Leon held his pistol in the same exact way
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