The Axe is a usable melee weapon in The Evil Within and its DLCs, The Assignment and The Consequence


The Axe is a very powerful melee weapon, capable of offing most Haunted and Ruvik Doppelgangers in one strike, though the fat variant of the Haunted can survive such a hit. Like Bottles, the axe breaks after one hit. Fortunately, axes are rather common in the game's world, as several Haunted do carry one each, and some can be found lodged into the scenery or corpses along the way.

The axe returns as the sole offensive tool available to Juli Kidman in The Assignment, and again in The Consequence, where it retains its good utility despite the inclusion of firearms.


  • Because of its one-hit-wonder nature, the axe should be reserved for sticky situations where an enemy needs to be dispatched quickly (e.g. when sneak attempts fail).


  • Sneak attacks with axes can only be performed on various models of the Haunted, and the corrupted Joseph Oda, who takes three hits to down.
Weapons of The Evil Within


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Legend: Base Game, New Game+ unlock, Collectibles reward, Pre-order exclusive


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Legend: Base Game, New Game+ unlock, Pre-order exclusive

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