Beacon Mental Hospital

Beacon Mental Hospital is a key location of The Evil Within. A facility for the depraved and psychologically ill, Beacon holds a dark history.

Beacon Mental Hospital at the heart of Krimson City. It has accepted many patients over the years, but only a handful have been able to leave the madhouse.

Civilians only hear rumors of the occult, as no one knows what is really happening in the institute.

The Evil WithinEdit

The hospital is the scene of a grisly crime. Sebastian Castellanos and his partner, Juli Kidman, arrive at the scene to find police cruisers abandoned. He and Joseph Oda enter the lobby they find the mutilated bodies of Nurses, Doctors, patients, and policemen scattered on the furniture and the floor of the hospital.

Viewing the facility's surveillance footage they witness the murder of officers by a man moving at nearly invisible speeds. The man then appears, and transports all of them into the STEM.

After Castellanos survives his first encounter with the Sadist, he leaves the hospital to find that the city is being destroyed by a massive Earthquake.

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