Beatriz Victoriano is a minor character in The Evil Within. She was the mother of Ruvik and Laura, and the wife of Ernesto Victoriano. She was shown to have grieved quite badly over the apparent loss of both children, as shown through a flashback and a note written by herself.


The Victoriano family portrait shows Beatriz an average height for a woman. She was also slender and beautiful, with medium or long black hair (usually in a bun)--traits that would be passed along to her daughter. She also was pale and had a long face shape. Her outfit consists of a long-sleeved, long black dress that would presumably reach her ankles.


Not much is known about her personality, as she is an unseen minor character (save for her family portrait); however, in-game hints imply that she was a stereotypical family wife and loving mother: grieving deeply over the apparent loss of both of her children. In-game descriptions of Ruvik show that she deeply cared for and loved her children, thinking highly of them. She also possessed 'mother's intuition', sensing that her son was still alive.


While she herself is never presented in the course of the game, the family portrait featuring her appears in both the Safe Haven and Chapter 9 in Ruvik's memories of their family manor. She is rarely referred to; however, she was heard in an auditory flashback to have deeply mourned the loss of her children to her husband, Ernesto Victoriano. Chapter 10 also features a note written by her, expressing her grief of the barn fire tragedy.


Ernesto VictorianoEdit

They were married and were the parents of Ruben and Laura. Beatriz was shown to love her husband but she loved her children even more. After the Barn Fire, Ernesto tried to hide the fact that both of there children were still alive after the fire, saying that they are both dead. He hid their own son in the basement and abandoned Laura at a hospital where, she was said to be in a Vegetative state.

It's seen, in a memory, with shadows rather then blue spirits, that Beatriz apparently has not been well after the fire. She has stopped eating because she's so upset about what happened. He's heard telling her to eat so she doesn't fall ill. She asks why she can't go in the basement, saying that she can hear Ruben's voice down there. He reassures that he's not down there.

She seems to not want to believe it still though and also it's shown that he apparently told her in the beginning that they are both alive and that he was taking care of them. Then he told her they were dead, which causes her to be confused and sad.


She seemed to love and care for her son very much, this can be seen with how she talks about him. She calls him, "my perfect son", "my darling boy". She is shown to want to be with him again and misses him very much. However he never knew how she felt after the fire, so he believes she didn't care and or she knew just like Ernesto. So he ended up killing her just like her husband.

Laura VictorianoEdit

Just like her son, she loved her daughter very much. Beatriz passed on a lot of traits to her daughter such as long black hair and kindness. Their relationship was never put into that much detail but we can assume they were on good terms.