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The Black Cat is a companion found in The Assignment and The Consequence, as well as The Evil Within 2.


The Black Cat is a companion found in STEM associated with Juli Kidman.

Kidman DLCsEdit

It serves as Juli's companion in STEM and is usually found near its beloved leather couch. This setup serves as Juli's save station throughout her journey.

The Evil Within 2Edit

The Black Cat is found near the slide projector in Sebastian's Room. It accompanies him through his talks with Juli Kidman, and rewards him with Green Gel after each new slide is viewed. Once Sebastian reaches the Centre of Union to confront Myra Hanson, upon returning to the Room the Black Cat can be found sleeping on its desk next to the now-unplugged projector, and can no longer be interacted with.


  • Its appearance is most likely due to Kidman's affinity and fondness of cats.
  • In The Evil Within 2, to bypass the STEM system security, Juli Kidman uses the command "execute blackcat".


The Evil WithinEdit

The Evil Within 2Edit