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This article is about The Evil Within weapon. For its technical successor in The Evil Within 2, see Warden Crossbow.
"This collapsible crossbow has a strong bowstring which appears capable of launching heavy projectiles."
―Inventory description.

The Agony Crossbow is a multi-purpose weapon appearing in The Evil Within. It is a versatile tool, capable of launching a plethora of specialized bolts that are suitable for a multitude of scenarios and purposes.


The Agony Crossbow can be found in three locations, two of which are in Chapter 3 and one in Chapter 6.

  • Chapter 3: Flanking the gate leading to the exit are two large buildings. The Crossbow can be collected from either the right house's dining room lying against a table, or the left house's second story sitting on a chair.
  • Chapter 6: As the player leaves the Safe Haven at the beginning of the chapter, climb the boxes right near by and go through the hole in the wall to another room with a chest containing the Crossbow.

Picking up any of these three Crossbows will turn the other two into ammo for it.


Agony tutorial

The Agony Crossbow is a very versatile weapon, capable of launching five (seven with The Fighting Chance Pack) different types of bolts over a short arch that either damage or hamper the senses of nearby enemies. Aiming the Crossbow projects this arch in front of the player to let them know where the bolt will land, and can be extended by holding down on the trigger, essentially "charging" it. Despite taking several seconds to charge, the Crossbow has a very fast reload and refire rate, allowing Sebastian to perform quick follow-up shots. While the bolts may attract enemies, the Crossbow itself is silent.

That being said, the Crossbow's arch does have a limit, which is very close prior to upgrades. It can only hold a meager amount of each bolt type upon acquisition, which can limit its utility somewhat.

Agony BoltsEdit

The Agony Crossbow can load and fire seven distinct types of bolts that apply a different property each. Five of these are available to upgrade once discovered, while the remaining two are pre-order-only and can only be used as is.

Agony exp color
"An explosive warhead for the Agony Crossbow which will detonate when enemies approach. It can be placed on things like floors and walls, and even enemies."
―Inventory description.
Agony exp tutorial

The Explosive Bolt can be used as a means for extreme crowd control. It might not be able to kill Haunted members outright, but it will down any caught within the blast. Caution is advised as it may harm the player, especially if used against rushing bosses. Some Haunted members make use of the bolt, but a cautious player can disarm and steal them for themselves.

  • Crafting Parts required: 3.
Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Agony exp mod
100% 110% 120% 130% 150%
GreenGel 2,500 GreenGel 4,500 GreenGel 7,000 GreenGel 15,000
Legend: Agony exp mod Firepower

Agony flash color
"A warhead for the Agony Crossbow which can blind opponents with a powerful flash. Blinded opponents can be killed from any direction with a Sneak Kill."
―Inventory description.
Agony flash tutorial

The Flash Bolt is also a good choice for extreme crowd control. Despite dealing next to no damage, it can incapacitate most lesser enemies by blinding them, rendering them unable to do anything and vulnerable to Stealth Kills until the effect wears off. Mini-AlterEgos caught in the flash are killed instantly. Its effectiveness against bosses is diminished, however, and only works against the Sadist and Amalgam Alpha, the latter of which must be showing its eye for the blinding to take effect.

  • Enemies affected by the Flash Bolt take 50% less damage until the effect wears off.
  • Crafting Parts required: 2.
Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Agony flash mod
4s 7s 10s 13s 16s
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 4,500 GreenGel 6,500 GreenGel 15,000
Legend: Agony flash mod Duration

Agony harpoon color
"A powerful harpoon for the Agony Crossbow which will impale opponents."
―Inventory description.
Agony harpoon tutorial

The Harpoon Bolt does exactly what it says on the tin, and eschews special effects in favor of raw damage and stopping power, capable of halting even the mighty Keeper in mid-charge. It essentially works as a regular crossbow bolt, and can send any Haunted it hits flying, pinning them to obstacles as well if the trajectory is right.

  • Tier IV fire damage upgrade does not affect bosses.
  • Crafting Parts required: 2.
Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Agony harpoon mod
100% 130% 160% 240% Adds fire damage
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 10,000 GreenGel 50,000
Legend: Agony harpoon mod Firepower

Agony freeze color
"A Warhead for the Agony Crossbow which will temporarily freeze struck opponents. Except for certain enemies, the target will break apart after freezing."
―Inventory description.
Agony freeze tutorial

Against more agile enemies, the Freeze Bolt is immensely useful, as it is capable of stopping nearly every type of foe in their tracks. Lesser enemies like the Haunted are effectively dead as soon as they are hit, and those that don't die immediately can be shattered with a melee attack.

  • Crafting Parts required: 5.
Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Agony freeze mod
1.5m 1.75m 2.0m 2.5m 3.0m
GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 8,000 GreenGel 15,000
Legend: Agony freeze mod Radius

Agony shock color
"A bolt with a Taser taped to it. Shockingly powerful."
―Inventory description.
Agony shock tutorial

Dealing relatively minor damage, the Shock Bolt has the added effect of stunning and knocking enemies down and exposing them for an instant kill via a match.

  • Enemies affected by the Shock Bolt take 50% less damage until the effect wears off.
  • Crafting Parts required: 4.
Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Agony shock mod
1.2m/4s 1.5m/4s 1.5m/6s 2.0m/6s 2.5m/10s
GreenGel 2,500 GreenGel 4,500 GreenGel 7,000 GreenGel 15,000
Legend: Agony shock mod Radius/Duration

Agony poison color
"A warhead for the Agony Crossbow which lures enemies in by scent and poisons them."
―Inventory description.
Agony fire color
"A warhead for the Agony Crossbow that spouts flames, setting the area around it on fire."
―Inventory description.
Only available through pre-ordering or The Fighting Chance Pack
Agony poison tutorial

The Poison Bolt ejects a brain-shaped lure that attracts nearby Haunted into eating it, which poisons the enemy and causes them to stagger repeatedly until death. Can also attract larger enemies, though the effects are lessened.

Agony incendiary tutorial

Incendiary Bolts behave similarly to Explosive Bolts in that they stick to enemies and surfaces, before letting loose three gouts of fire that sets everything around them aflame.

  • Neither of these bolt types can be upgraded.
  • Crafting Parts required: 5.


Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Agony range
100% Agony range 120% Agony range 150% - -
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 4,000 - -

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Agony charge
1.00s Agony charge 0.67s Agony charge 0.33s - -
GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 4,000 - -

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
1.52s Reload 1.28s Reload 1.11s - -
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 6,000 - -

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Max ammo agony
2 Max ammo agony 3 Max ammo agony 4 - -
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 5,000 - -
Maximum Carry Capacity per bolt type.


Full House Full House
10 Gamerscore - Trophy bronze

Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.
Poison and Incendiary Bolt kills don't count.


  • If the Model Viewer description is anything to go by, the Agony Crossbow was allegedly crafted by Ruvik himself. Through whatever means that was never really explained, MOBIUS weapons researchers have managed to acquire at least one unit and reverse-engineered it into their own Warden Crossbow, as collected in The Evil Within 2.
  • Certain Haunted are also armed with their own Agony Crossbows, though theirs are limited to firing Explosive bolts only. Unlike the common Mine traps, these laid bolts are proximity-triggered and will explode after a few seconds regardless of whether Sebastian is sneaking or not, making the task of disarming them usually not worth the added risk, especially when there are many in one spot.