The Bottle is an item found in The Evil Within and its DLCs, The Assignment and The Consequence.


Bottles are one-time use items that can be found around levels, sitting atop on things or lying on the ground. They are used to draw the enemies' attention away so that Sebastian can sneak by. They can also be thrown at an enemy to stun them temporarily.

Sebastian can only hold one bottle at a time and they are not stored in his inventory. Hitting an enemy in the face with a bottle will also stun him, allowing a sneak kill from the front or behind the enemy. Sneak killing an enemy after hitting them with a bottle will award you the Bloody Bar Brawl Trophy/Achievement.

In The Assignment, Juli is able to carry one bottle at a time in her inventory.


Bloody Bar Brawl Bloody Bar Brawl
10 Gamerscore - Trophy bronze

Sneak Kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.


  • Bottles tend to disappear when you enter Safe Haven with them. Make sure to leave them outside before entering.