The Brass Knuckles, is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within and make their subsequent return in The Evil Within 2.

The Brass Knuckles are unlocked after completing the game on either Nightmare difficulty or AKUMU mode, and are deposited automatically into Sebastian Castellanos' inventory at the start of Chapter 3. In The Evil Within 2, the Brass Knuckles are similarly rewarded to the player upon completion of the game of either Nightmare difficulty or Classic Mode, and once again are deposited to Sebastian's inventory at the beginning of Chapter 3.


The Brass Knuckles are in practical term an extreme damage boost to Sebastian's unarmed attacks, allowing him to punch his enemies with great expediency, usually killing them in one solid blow.

Care should be taken when engaging certain opponents with the Brass Knuckles, as some are prone to performing an insta-kill attack on Sebastian should he remain near them for too long (e.g. Quell, Neun), though with nimble techniques, the player should have little trouble. They also cannot be utilized when carrying a temporary weapon like an Axe, Torch or a Bottle, requiring Sebastian to drop them first before he can re-equip the Knuckles for use.

Trivia Edit

  • The Brass Knuckles are actually composed of two knuckle plates bolted together, resulting in an increased contact area when struck against a target.