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"A creature born from the bloated core of a dead Haunted." - In game quote (in game Model Viewer).

The Cadaver are a new type of enemy first seen in The Assignment DLC.


The Cadaver could represent Ruvik's unwillingness to die, existing long after his supposed death at the hands of MOBIUS just as the Haunted's bodies are being recycled into new monsters.

They could also represent Ruvik's antisocial animosity to others, their attraction to sound and self-destructive aggression to the source of that sound much like Ruvik's behavior as "a serial killer masquerading as a scientist."


Since Cadavers are blind, they will rely on sound to hunt the player and other enemies. Normally they will either feast on a corpse of a Haunted or roam freely while glowing white. If Cadavers are alarmed they will turn yellow and move towards the source of the sound. If it hears the player, the Cadaver will turn red and aggressively move towards Juli in an attempt to explode and kill her. If Juli moves too slowly, they may even clutch onto her with their rib-like protrusions, and blow her body to pieces.



  • Cadaver is Latin for corpse.
  • In the cemetery in Chapter 2 it is possible to trick Cadaver into killing a Haunted. Doing this will earn the player the achievement/trophy "Death Grip".
  • The Art of The Evil Within reveals that Cadaver was originally planned to appear in the main game and was going to be called The Bridge.

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