To win this Achievement/Trophie Complete all Torments

Completion Edit

Torments are ways of executing an enemy, using various weapons unlockable in the game. Working as a type of achievement, the player must complete all Torments in order to unlock Unlimited Ammo in the shop. Most of them are straightforward and involving killing enemies in certain ways. The list of Torments include:

Torment 1 - Execute an standing enemy.

Torment 2 -Execute a prone enemy.

Torment 3 -Execute an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap.

Torment 4 -Impale an enemy on wall spikes.

Torment 5 -Dismenber a enemy with the chainsaw.

Torment 6 -Blow up an enemy with a stick of Dynamite.

Torment 7 -Blow up an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with dynamite.

Torment 8 -Incinerate an enemy with a Molotov Cocktail.

Torment 9 -Incinarate an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with an Molotov Cocktail.

Torment 10 -Blow up an enemy with the Rocket Laucher.

Torment 11 -Slay an enemy with a turret.

Torment 12 -Blow up an enemy with a flung car.

Torment 13 -Kill an enemy with an rotating blade trap.

Torment 14 -Blow up an enemy an exploding haunted.

Torment 15 -Blow up more than 1 enemy with an exploding haunted.

Torment 16 -Dismerber an enemy with the sword.

Torment 17 -Execute an enemy with the sword.

Torment 18 -Clear the hidden final execution chamber.

Do all of these and you will win the "Cruel and Unusual" Achievement/Trophie.

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