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The Evil WithinEdit

Chapter 1: An Emergency CallEdit

Document 1 - Old note from sewer:

Beside the locked gate at the far end of the sewer, there is a ladder which would take you to the old ward. If you could make it through there, you would find an elevator leading outside. You would be the one who escaped. You would be the one who survived. -R

Document 2 - Boiler room note:

13:00 - STEM system operation test begin.

13:15 - Success. Confirmation of brainwave synchronization: losses minimal. Continuing experiment. Agent collects the data.

13:30 - Anomaly occurs. Not with the subject: the stenographer claimed they weren't feeling well and then fell into a coma for reasons unknown. Doctor orders the STEM system terminated.

13:45 - Staff begin complaining of nausea and falling unconscious one after another. Those who can still move plan their escape from the hospital but for unknown reasons are unable to. Though the STEM system should have been deactivated, subjects maintained brain wave synchronization with the host.

14:00 - He... that man appeared.

Chapter 2: RemnantsEdit

Document 3 - Lakeside town note:

When did they put a lighthouse on the lake? Has it always been there? That circling light passes over me, passes through me... I feel like it takes something away each time. I can't remember what it was, though.

Chapter 4: The PatientEdit

Document 4 - Villager's note:

They got Norman. His cries for help just cut off. I can hear screaming every night. If I don't stay hidden I know I'll be next.

Chapter 5: Inner RecessesEdit

Document 5 - Underground facility note:

HE LIES! And to his own son, his own flesh and blood. It's outrageous! Gone to a better place? That hypocrite. That sanctimonious fool! I know the truth. I know him better than he knows himself. He's trying to punish me again. He always resented our closeness. Thinks he can use it against me. Does he take me for a fool? Laura is NOT DEAD!

Chapter 6: Losing Grip On OurselvesEdit

Document 6 - Graveyard note:

Walt, I've gone to get Donna back. I saw how to get into the wolf's den and I'm getting her back. I won't let her be a sacrifice. Don't follow. Just say and watch the family. I'll bring her back. Daniel

Document 7 - Cemetery lab note #1:

It has been god's will that these two twin orphans survived. They were baptized and given medicine. Neun and his brother Zehn quickly recovered, but just as quickly did their aberration progress...

Of course they are twins, but for some reason their growth patterns exhibit identical values.

12 hours after serum administered Neun: 122.4cm, 28.2kg Zehn: 122.4cm, 28.2kg Body temperature elevation, pain in lower extremities evident.

24 hours after serum administered Neun: 125.8cm, 29.4kg Zehn: 125.8cm, 29.4kg Vital signs stabilized, sleeping in short intervals.

36 hours after serum administered Neun: 138.9cm, 34.0kg Zehn: 138.9cm, 34.0kg Semiconscious, speaking to imaginary person.

48 hours after serum administered Neun: 145.7cm, 46.9kg Zehn: 145.7cm, 46.9kg Agitated, administered sedative.

Document 8 - Cemetery lab note #2:

Every month "offerings" are brought above ground to the stone sarcophagus the owner calls the "altar". Two bodies, four bodies, three bodies, five bodies, four bodies, seven bodies, six bodies...

The church guard dog has begun to change. Just like the twins, the aberration is progressing.

It devoured six bodies today and already it howls for more. It has began to stress it's bars and chains in its fervor. I don't dare take my eyes away from that animal. It may think I am another offering...

Chapter 7: The KeeperEdit

Document 9 - Catacomb note:

Help The metallic pounding He's coming I run but he follows Help God help help help help help help help help help

Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will GrowEdit

Document 10 - Cave note:

I went in too deep and of course it was a trap. Sophia told me to stop so many times. But it was only a little further to the truth. I knew there'd be challenges, but I was so close!

I noticed the faintest breeze coming from the crack of this door. This door has to lead to outside. This plate I found looks like it fits in the slot. It's probably the key, but which way does it go? Fifty-fifty odds. And I've been here pacing for what feels like an eternity, unable to make this simple choice.

Sophia, if I make it out of here, I'll hold you in my arms. I'll tell you that you were right and I'll never let you go.

Document 11 - Research facility note:

Subject number 18: Connection established: commencing procedure. 2:45 - Abnormal brain wave activity detected. 2:58 - Cardiac arrest; non-resuscitable.

Subject number 19: Connection established: commencing procedure. 1:24 - Abnormal brain wave activity detected. 1:48 - Cardiac arrest; non-resuscitable.

Subject number 20: Connection established: commencing procedure. 1:43 - Abnormal brain wave activity detected. 1:52 - Cardiac arrest; non-resuscitable.

Subject number 21: Connection established: commencing procedure. 2:09 - Abnormal brain wave activity detected. 2:14 - Cardiac arrest; non-resuscitable.

Subject number 22: Connection established: commencing procedure. 1:02 - Abnormal brain wave activity detected. 1:32 - Cardiac arrest; non-resuscitable.

Subject number 23: Connection established: commencing procedure. 3:31 - Abnormal brain wave activity detected; heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature rising. 4:24 - Recovery of consciousness. 4:37 - Stabilization of vital signs. last!

Chapter 9: The Cruelest IntentionsEdit

Document 12 - Mansion dining room note:

I've finally come to recognize the way, the portal to a new world. the details are all there, have been right in front of my nose. I'm appalled and incensed that I did not see them sooner. The specific process to break down a human's psyche, to obliterate it and give myself free rein, is so obvious. And now that I see it, now that what I have to do is in front of me, I feel as if there is nothing else I can do. I can have everything I sought, everything I've lost. But I need resources. Jimenez. That cretin will finally begin to earn his keep.

Document 13 - Ruvik's room note:

I saw her there again, standing at the end of the hallway. Long black hair, beautiful as ever, streaked with moonlight, eyes dark pools in her porcelain face. She wore her favorite red dress, like a crimson sunset. Like a streak of blood in the waning light. Laura, of course you couldn't be dead.

Document 14 - Mansion music room note:

Two worlds, separated by a jagged chasm

Above, faceless spectators mocking the tragedy

Below, helpless victims losing everything

Chapter 10: The Craftsman's ToolsEdit

Document 15 - Mansion basement note:

My children have been taken from me. Was it fate? Was it something he did? Surely not my perfect son. It was that fire. It ruined everything, took everything. The children are not the same. And neither is Ernesto. He said he was taking care of them. That they were safe. But now he says they're gone! How could that be? A mother would know such a thing. I still hear my darling boy's voice. His laughter. And always from the basement. It cannot be. A mother needs her children!

Chapter 15: An Evil WithinEdit

Document 16 - Newer note from sewer:

Do you still dream of escape? So near at hand? What is the point of dreaming when your body lies here, never moving? -R

Trivia: Edit

  • Notes found in the sewer signed by "R" may have been from Ruvik himself.