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This page contains the list of all easter eggs found in the game:

Chapter 2

  • The Severed Head / First Encounter

At the start of Chapter 2 in the opening cutscene there is an reference to Resident Evil 1, where Oscar Connelly is transformed into a Haunted and eating a severed head.

Chapter 3

  • 100,000 Gel

At Chapter 3 in New Game+ you will be able to play an Mini-game. After defeating The Sadist and climbing the stairs into a stash with a statue, you will find a crow outside the window. Shoot him and a small cutscene will appear revealing where the 5 crows are, if you shoot them before the time ends, you will get 100,000 brain gel points.

Chapter 4

  • (New game +) Key is for the Past

After you defeated Valerio. Check the note behind the corpse and inspect the corpse. If you're playing New Game+ and previously got the key earlier inside the corpse, you'll get green gel instead.

  • Bonfire

Shoot the haunted before he is able to throw the lady into the fire at the start of the level. Having done this, she will run to a cabin nearby and disappear, leaving 2,000 gel points behind.

  • The Pig King

Burn all hanging bodies at Chapter 4 and return to the bonfire (Where you´ve rescued the lady). There you will find a giant pig, if you kill it you will get 2,000 gel points.

Chapter 9

  • Dear Creator

In the part where you´re running from Ruvik, there is an area with a ladder that descends below. Check the floor and look at the left, you'll see a book with a cover of "snail" and an "a". This is the logo of "Tango Works," the one who made this game.

Chapter 11

  • Music

In Chapter 11, there are some posters pasted on walls. One of these is for a music group called "Box Punk," and shows three band members with safes as heads, just like The Keeper, referencing the musical group Daft Punk. There is also a poster for a band named "Dead Lloyd," which may be a reference to Pink Floyd.

  • Brain Juice

The vending machines that begin to appear in this level are named "Brain," and when activated, dole out Green Gel, which itself has a picture of a brain on it.

  • Self Reference

There are movie posters that begin to appear in this chapter that reference in-game characters or events. One has a close-up of Reborn Laura's face, and is called "Black Hair Curse," while another is called "Zom Bomb" and states about one human (referencing Sebastian) against hordes of zombies with a variety of weapons (referencing The Haunted).

  • The Best Shirt

After getting out of the elevator at the beginning of the chapter, you'll find yourself in a ruined store. There is a poster to the left advertising "The perfect white shirt," which happens to be made by "Tango Denim." This can also be seen briefly in Chapter 1 as a falling billboard.

Chapter 13

  • The Crossover

In Chapter 13 you´re able to find 2 posters that belong to the Fallout Series, one being "Enjoy Vault Living" and the other being "Sugar Bombs," which is itself a reference to the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. There is also a poster belonging to the dishonered series, advertising The Golden Cat, where the main character, Corvo Attano is sent to kill the Pendleton twins. There´s a poster of The Hounds Pit Pub found in Dishonored aswell.

Chapter 14

  • Babies Galore

In Chapter 14, there is a very small Easter Egg; if you interact with vending machine a bunch of babies will start to pour out.

  • Perfume

When finding the first subway car, there is another "Sugar Bombs" poster, and a poster for perfume that has a pre-release screenshot of Julie Kidman as its picture.

The Assignment

Chapter 1

  • Creepy Sister/The Girl in the Red Dress

Before you head into the area where you have to head into Biometrics. There are two doors that are broken and continue to open and shut. If you shine your flashlight in, you'll see Laura standing there in the long dark hallway. She'll laugh very creepily while standing there staring at the ground with her head facing downwards. And if you wait long enough, she will teleport closer and closer to the door until she's eventually right there behind the door with her head up, staring right at Juli.

  • The Pile Grows

There is a secret in The Assignment, where you can find Arnold's dead body. After you fall down and fight Shade, you can look around and find his dead body among the fallen rubble, along with the dead body of the VMM's.

Chapter 2

  • Sword Oda and Bikini Kid

While fighting Joseph as a boss, we can find 3 film projectors. By using them we can see images, one of Joseph holding a sword and one of Juli wearing a bikini.

The Consequence

Chapter 3

  • Kidman's desk

In KPD Station, before the first cutscene with Sebastian and Joseph, there is an empty desk with no red star mark. Use your flashlight on the desk and Kidman's computer will appear.

  • kidman's desk_1
  • kidman's desk_2
  • kidman's desk_3
  • kidman's desk_4
The Evil Within The Consequence Chapter 3 Kidman's desk easter egg-202:30

The Evil Within The Consequence Chapter 3 Kidman's desk easter egg-2

  • The Martins

In the KDP Station, if you look on the walls you can find a missing post with the picture of the Keeper and his Daughter, both named Pedro and Marta Martins

  • Private Dance

Use the only vending machine in the Chapter 15 times, after that a picture should fall revealing a peephole. Just go and see what´s inside it.

Chapter 4

  • All's well when ends well

While chasing Leslie, shoot Ruvik´s Brain, having done that the ending credits will appear, revealing a fake ending.

The Executioner

  • The achievement/trophy "Krimson Chainsaw Massacre" is a reference to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series of movies.
  • Other than this no other easter eggs have been found until now.

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