Everybody Gets One is an achievement in The Evil Within.


This achievement can be obtained during Chapter 6 after reaching the big, open arena where the Sniper Rifle is obtained. To unlock this achievement, one must pull Joseph Oda up when he gets knocked off the plank bridge across the two highest points of the map.

Saving Joseph is the easy part. It's more difficult to get him in this state of panic as Joseph himself has an axe and is a fairly competent fighter. It is also a problem if the player is too good at keeping enemies off of his back.


  • It would be advisable to keep at least two of The Haunted alive, preferrably with one wielding a weapon, then get on top of said plank bridge and run back and forth until they catch up and start attacking Joseph. Eventually one of them will knock him down, where he will hang onto dear life from the bridge. Quickly dispose of the Haunted and pull Joseph up to unlock the achievement.


  • The name and unlock condition of this achievement are a reference to the Family Guy episode Let's Go to the Hop, where it is a quote from Spider-Man to Peter Griffin after the former saved him from a fatal fall, claiming that everybody who gets in a dangerous situation gets to be saved by Spider-Man once.