The Glass Bottle is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within.

Gameplay Edit

Glass Bottles are frequently found throughout all chapters during Story Mode on any difficulty. The Glass Bottles are not suited for combat. They are best suited to distract The Haunted and other enemies.

They work much like a grenade as far as mechanics go. Equip one and a throwing arc (represented by a blue line will appear) this line will show you exactly where the bottle will go. Upon striking a hard surface the bottle will shatter causing a loud noise and forcing nearby Haunted to go investigate the area.

It is worth mentioning, if you throw a bottle at a Haunted, it has an effect similar to a Flashbolt. It will temporarily render you able to sneak kill a Haunted.

Achievement / Trophies Edit

The Glass Bottle is required in order to earn the following Achievement / Trophy "Bloody Bar Brawl"

You must use the technique described above (throwing a bottle at a Haunted) in order to earn "Bloody Bar Brawl"

The exact way to achieve this is as follows

Step 1: Throw a bottle at a Haunted.

Step 2: Immediately go perform a Sneak Kill on that Haunted.

Tips Edit

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