The grenade is a weapon found in The Evil Within.


Similar in appearance to the German Model 34 Stielhandgranate fitted with the optional splittering fragmentation casing, the grenade is an explosive weapon best used against large groups of enemies. Those caught near the center of the blast radius will be killed, while those farther away from it will be staggered briefly.


  • Because grenades are relatively scarce and can be lethal when used improperly (such as in narrow, confined spaces), players should be cautious as to when and where to deploy them.
  • They should not be used against rushing enemies, as the grenade can bounce back to the player, having a high chance to kill them.
  • Some Haunted carry grenades. They start appearing around Chapter 5. The haunted that carry the weapon may throw it (while not having very good accuracy), or they may light it and run in, acting like a suicide bomber. An inventive player can kill the enemy with their own grenade by shooting them with a flash bolt from the Agony Crossbow, then getting to a distance and waiting for the grenade to run out of its fuse.
  • Due to the grenade's tendency to bounce and roll unexpectedly, enemies can move away from the blast zone by merely walking away. Get the best results by making enemies immobile via shock or freezing bolts, then throwing grenades. This also works great for "bosses."