"This is an old-fashioned police revolver. Most police agencies have switched over to automatic pistols but a few officers continue to use revolvers."
―Inventory description.

The Handgun is a starter weapon in The Evil Within.

It first became available during the early minutes of Chapter 2, found just several yards away from its previous owner.


The handgun is the first firearm available to Sebastian Castellanos, and remains a capable mainstay throughout the whole game due to its very manageable recoil, small spread and reasonably deep ammo pool compared to the rest of the obtainable weaponry. Handgun bullets are the most common type of ammunition found in the game's world, so the player is unlikely to ever run dry unless they fire recklessly.

Natural for a starter weapon, the handgun is rather weak and performs somewhat poorly at longer ranges prior to upgrades. It is best used at mid-to-close ranges on lesser enemies like The Haunted, due to their generally lower health and threat level compared to the likes of Sadists or The Keeper. To compensate for its low power, headshots are recommended, as not only will that deal more damage, but the handgun itself is capable of a whopping 50% chance to instantly score a headshot kill if upgraded enough, making it a viable weapon until the late game. Alternatively, the player could go for a kneecap and run up to the enemy to burn them with a match, thus conserving ammo and potentially taking out more than one hostile if they happen to bunch up.

Burst HandgunEdit

"This burst-capable automatic pistol has a high rate of fire and can do a lot of damage to enemies."
―Inventory description.

A burst-firing variant of the handgun used by Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman appears as the unlockable Burst Handgun. It is unlocked for a New Game+ save after collecting all 28 Map Fragments and is identical to the normal Handgun in every way stats-wise, with the only added effect of firing three rounds in rapid succession with each trigger pull.

Upgrade progress are shared between the normal and Burst handguns.


TEW1 Revolver icon
Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
100% 120% 140% 160% 200%
GreenGel 2,500 GreenGel 6,000 GreenGel 12,000 GreenGel 20,000
Fire rate
1.00s 0.80s 0.65s 0.50s 0.30s
GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 7,000
2.48s 1.93s 1.58s 1.33s 1.16s
GreenGel 500 GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 4,000 GreenGel 10,000
Clip size
6 7 8 9 12
GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 10,000
5.0° 4.5° 4.0° 3.5° 2.5°
GreenGel 500 GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 2,500 GreenGel 5,000
0% 10% 20% 40% 50%
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 9,000 GreenGel 20,000
Max ammo pistol
10 15 20 25 50
GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 2,500 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 10,000
Legend: Firepower Firepower, Fire rate Fire Rate, Reload Reload Time, Clip size Clip Size, Accuracy Accuracy, Critical Critical, Max ammo pistol Maximum Ammo
Upgrade stats are replaced by the next tiers and do not stack.


  • Upgrading the critical chance at least once as soon as possible is immensely helpful early in the game, as each headshot will have a chance of killing an enemy instantly, preserving both Matches and ammunition.
  • The weapon is useful for "tripping" the Haunted, if Sebastian can reliably aim for their kneecaps, which knocks them down and exposing them for an instant kill with a match.
  • The Handgun bullets, while still slightly scarce, are the most common ammunition type found in the game. As such, it is recommended to upgrade the Handgun's firepower and maximum ammo stock to get the best out of it.
  • Using the weapon against bosses is not recommended as it lacks the needed punch to stun them. The player can, however, use a Freeze Bolt first, and then unload the Handgun at the immobilized target.
  • In hit-and-run situations the player can fire without aiming down the sights, especially when evading bosses.
  • If the damage multiplier is fully leveled, it can kill invisible haunted in three to four body shots, whereas with no damage upgrades would have meant expending almost 9 bullets.


  • The normal handgun is modeled after a Colt M1917 revolver with the barrel group and sights of the Smith & Wesson Model 25, which is appropriate seeing how the standard pistol ammo featured in the game are .45 ACP cartridges.
    • The Burst variant is instead a modified parkerized M1911A1 with a squared trigger guard and lacks the traditional bearvertailed grip safety, and the grip body is additionally machined with finger grooves. Despite the extended magazine, it holds the same amount of ammo as the revolver prior to upgrades.
  • The revolver usable by Sebastian is the service pistol once belonged to Oscar Connelly, who allegedly never got that many chances to actually use it.
  • The handgun is quite similar in appearance to the Magnum found later in the game.
  • The handgun is present in all cutscenes where Sebastian is supposed to have a weapon out, regardless of whatever he has equipped at the moment.
  • Replaying Chapter 2 on a New Game+ still has Sebastian retrieving the pistol from the ground despite him already having one. This does not give him another pistol to use. Rather, it adds the gun's 6-rounds worth of ammunition to the player's inventory.
  • The revolver version of the Handgun returns as an unlockable weapon in The Evil Within 2. Once the player completes all three of the optional Anima encounters in a single playthrough, the revolver will appear in Sebastian's hands after the vision in the Restricted Labs.
    • The Handgun uses the Revolver's one-handed animations in the remastered editions of The Evil Within on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.