Revolver model viewer
Found:Chapter 2
Weapon Information
Rate of Fire:Medium
Magazine Size:6 (Initially)
12 (Max)
Maximum Ammunition:10 (Initially)
50 (Max)

The Handgun is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within


The handgun is Sebastian Castellanos's primary weapon that he uses throughout the game. It is the first weapon available, and, as such, is fairly weak without upgrades.

Performance & Upgrade Strategy

The Handgun is the very first weapon the player comes across, and as expected, it's initial performance is pretty weak. Enemies will take a decent amount of shots to down, even basic Haunted enemies will usually take 2-3 headshots to kill. There is also a random variable present on the reticle that causes the bullet to fire outside the reticle, leading to moments where the player can miss even though the reticle was fully on an enemy. This is noticeable mainly if the player tries shooting an enemy at mid-to-long range. The accuracy upgrade does little to reduce the percentage on the random variable. This can take some getting used to. To conserve ammunition, try shooting an enemy in the leg to knock them down, then run up to them and set them alight with a match for an instant kill. This method can also be used to take out multiple, adjacent enemies that are bundled up together.

Due to it having the most commonly found ammo type throughout the game, upgrading the handgun is vital to keep it a viable option for defense later on in the game. When upgraded, the handgun is a great weapon for taking on regular enemies, but it's not necessarily the best option for taking on bosses.

To get the best out of the weapon from an early stage, put your green gel into upgrading the Damage Multiplier, Accuracy, and Critical upgrade paths. Upgrading the damage multiplier will increase the all-round firepower the weapon has, obviously meaning enemies will take less shots to kill, though this does not effect the rate of instant kill headshots. Upgrading the accuracy of the handgun will reduce the reticle sway, allowing for better control of the weapon. Finally, but also most importantly, upgrading the critical effect of the weapon will result in more frequent one-hit kill headshots, with the maximum upgrade at level five giving shots a 50% chance of an instant kill when scoring a headshot. This will save you more ammo and make it much easier to deal with foes.

All of this, plus the fact that handgun ammo is the most readily available type that you'll find throughout the game, makes the handgun pretty much the best, most reliable weapon in the game for taking down regular enemies.


The handgun is the first weapon acquired in the game, and can't be missed. You will find the handgun not too long after the start of Chapter 2: Remnants. After walking through the wooded area for a short while, you'll come across the Lantern, on the edge of a cliff overlooking a camp. After you slide down the cliff face, walk towards the tent, and you'll pickup the handgun during the very Resident Evil-esque cutscene that takes place.


  • Upgrading the critical chance at least once as soon as possible is immensely helpful early in the game, as each headshot will have a chance of killing an enemy instantly, preserving both Matches and ammunition.
  • The weapon is useful for "tripping" Haunted. The player then can then burn a downed Haunted with a match. If there are no matches left, it is recommended to aim for the head of a Haunted, as headshots both deal more damage and have higher knockback.
  • The Handgun bullets, while still slightly scarce, are the most common ammunition type found in the game. As such, it is recommended to upgrade the Handgun's firepower and maximum ammo stock to get the best out of it.
  • Using the weapon against bosses is not recommended as it lacks knockback. The player can, however, use a Shock Bolt or a Freeze Bolt first, and then unload the Handgun at the immobilized target.
  • In hit-and-run situations the player can fire without aiming down the sights, especially when evading bosses.
  • If the damage multiplier is fully leveled, it can kill invisible haunted in three to four body shots, whereas with no damage upgrades would have meant expending almost 9 bullets.


  • The model viewer states that Connelly wields this weapon but rarely gets the chance to use it.
  • The handgun is quite similar in appearance to the Magnum found later in the game.
  • The handgun is unique in the fact that it is used in all cinematics where Sebastian has a weapon out.
  • When playing New Game+ and playing Chapter 2 again, the detective still picks up the handgun from the ground when encountering Connelly, even though there already is one in the inventory. This does not add the weapon to the inventory again. Rather, 6 bullets are added to the max ammo that the player can carry.
  • Judging from the text in the model viewer and its location in the game (right behind Connelly), the handgun was his, dropped when he turned into a Haunted.


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