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"In a village's basement, Sebastian experiences Ruvik's past."
―Chapter description.

Inner Recesses is the fifth chapter of The Evil Within.

Plot Edit

After waking up from the long fall last chapter, Sebastian Castellanos finds himself in what appears to be a deserted hospital, though he soon realises he's not alone. Prowling the hallways of the hospital are more of the invisible enemies he fought previously. Undeterred, Sebastian quickly found a keycard that lets him explore further, though an apparition of Ruvik appears to railroad him into solving a dangerous three-room puzzle. After deducing the correct button presses, loud blood-curdling scream suddenly comes out from a nearby wall, where bloody claw prints bash constantly against the surface, eventually revealing a door.

Going through the door, Sebastian happens upon a small room with various medical equipment, along with what appears to be a large bathtub where Joseph Oda lies unconscious. Sebastian wakes his colleague and the duo moves on ahead, though Joseph admits he has no recollection of what happened to him in Beacon Mental Hospital. Just as he said this, a ringing noise stuns both detectives and causing some sort of mutation to manifest in Joseph, who promptly attacks Sebastian. Though the effects subside quickly, Joseph is horrified by the experience.

As the move along, Sebastian and Joseph manage to arrive at a large room, where a familiar voice can be heard calling for them. It was their junior partner Juli Kidman, trapped in a plexiglass tank with rising water. As Joseph resolves to rescue her, hordes of The Haunted descend upon the group, though they eventually manages to defeat the monsters. But, as Joseph is quick to point out, there is no way to free Kidman from where they are standing, forcing Sebastian to find a way around up to a control panel above them. As soon as the dials are set, both Kidman and Joseph fall into a newly-opened hole in the floor, through which Sebastian goes to find them.

After briefly reuniting with his partners, Sebastian is once again separated from them as an unseen entity grabs him and drags him to a Haunted-infested tunnel. Upon making his way towards the end of the area, Laura attacks him once more in a trapped room, forcing him to stand his ground against her. Sebastian ultimately wins and leaves the area, only to find himself in what looks to be Ruvik's old STEM lab, where the hooded man ponders the viability of Leslie Withers as a test subject. As the flashback ends, Ruvik in his tank briefly reveals himself to Sebastian, before unleashing several of his jacked Haunted on him. Sebastian manages to disconnect them all, but is knocked unconscious by the system overloading.


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  • There are no new equipment found in this chapter.


Note: † = Deceased



  • The lone invisible Haunted at the start of the level is invulnerable and docile until he turns around and reaches the gurney next to the doorway. Sebastian can even walk up to him and he will not attack before he reaches his trigger, though he will still turn invisible. Shots fired will phase through him, melee attacks will miss and explosives won't affect him in any way, though fired Explosive bolts will stick to his body if shot correctly. As soon as he becomes aggressive the bolt(s) will promptly explode.
  • If the player manages to drive off Laura when she appears in the small side room before the proper boss battle, the metal door that used to block the way forward will have been mysteriously destroyed when Sebastian returns to it.


Not Part of the Job Description Not Part of the Job Description
25 Gamerscore - Trophy silver

The water's rising, but we'll get out of this without a scratch. (Ch.5)
Old Flame Old Flame
20 Gamerscore - Trophy bronze

Finish off a shrieking beast.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the game emphasizing the urgency of rescuing Kidman before the water in the tank reaches the top, the player is free to kill off enemies at their leisure. The tension of her drowning only starts once every single attacking Haunted have been killed, whereupon the water line will suddenly rise up to Kidman's face and continue to go up from there.
  • The water trap room is reused for the boss fights against the Sadist, the Haunted Joseph Oda, and Sebastian Castellanos in The Executioner.


The Evil Within Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Inner Recesses No Damage All Collectibles (PS4)

The Evil Within Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Inner Recesses No Damage All Collectibles (PS4)

Inner Recesses walkthrough by Mike Bettencourt - No damage, all collectibles.

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