This section contains spoilers for The Evil Within.
Joseph Oda
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:July 1
(possibly alive)
Occupation:KCPD Detective
Physical Description
Height:5'9 (175 cm)
Mass:148 lbs (67 kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within
The Assignment
The Consequence
English Voice:Yuri Lowenthal
Japanese Voice:Isshin Chiba
"It isn't so much as seeing, as it is about feeling normal."
—Joseph to Sebastian after regaining his glasses

Joseph Oda is a major character/tritagonist in The Evil Within, and a tritagonist/antagonist in The Assignment and a minor character in The Consequence. He is partners with Sebastian Castellanos and Juli Kidman.

Joseph Oda is Sebastian's steadfast partner and the two have worked together for 9 years. They have opposing personalities, but the contrast works in their favor, although occasionally Joseph has to help keep Sebastian in line. He is kind to others but hard on himself, and he doesn't give up on something once he has committed to it. When Sebastian looked like he was in danger of losing his badge, Joseph took the only choice he thought he had left and reported Sebastian to Internal Affairs.

The Evil Within

Joseph, along with Sebastian and Juli, were sent to Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate the crime scene, only to find out the police cars that has arrived there to be deserted.

In the very beginning scenes, at Beacon Mental Hospital after it collapses, Joseph is missing.

Chapter 5

Sebastian finds Joseph in a bathtub of sorts, and is freed and healed by him, but momentarily Joseph becomes a Haunted and attacks Sebastian, afterwards returning to normal. Sebastian forgives him and then they continue on. From there Joseph helps support Sebastian; shooting enemies, disarming traps to get through locked doors.

The two eventually find Kidman trapped in a water chamber. They try to unlock it while facing oncoming hordes of Haunted as the water kept rising. After freeing Kidman, both her and Joseph fall through the ground, leaving Sebastian behind.

He is seen again when Sebastian follows down the hole and reunites with him and Kidman. This is short-lived however, as Reborn Laura separates the entire group by dragging them through the bloody stream.

Chapter 6

Sebastian finds Joseph unconscious on the ground inside some coastal ruins of a warehouse. He is helped up and assists Sebastian in killing the Haunted.

Once they get to the bridge connecting to the entrance to the graveyard, he witnesses a man being beheaded by a guillotine. He recklessly chases the enemy, thinking he can take them, but runs into a trap, and is knocked unconscious as two Haunted drag him to the guillotine. Sebastian saves him by sniping the two Haunted. After saving Joseph, he helps Sebastian cross the chasm as the bridge has been blown up. He steals Sebastian's gun and puts it to his head. Sebastian knocks over Joseph and takes the gun.

Once they arrive at the graveyard, Joseph has an "episode" and Sebastian suggests resting in a nearby house. While he recovers, Joseph talks about how he had reported Sebastian, though it is not strictly explained through dialogue what he means. He also tells Sebastian that the "accident" wasn't his fault.

After Joseph recovers, they progress to the graveyard, where he spots Kidman and Leslie entering a church. He takes a Sniper Rifle and covers Sebastian as he follows a Haunted through a maze like area. Soon, that Haunted releases a Guardian, Zehn. Zehn is then followed by his brother Neun. Sebastian must fight them on the ground as Joseph snipes them. After the battle with the Guardians, Joseph meets up with Sebastian near two statues of horses. After addressing his book he flips one of the horse's legs back, revealing a secret tunnel.

Joseph then helps Sebastian solve a sacrificial puzzle to get to the surface, but Sebastian and Joseph run into the church guard dog, The Sentinel, trapped in a cage. The animal is asleep and Joseph and Sebastian quietly sneak past it. After exiting the building and examining the lock, the Sentinel awakes and bursts through the wall. Sebastian and Joseph run, but the Sentinel leaps at Joseph, knocking his glasses off and leaving him unconscious. After Sebastian injures the Sentinel, he picks up Joseph and pushes him through the gate, when Joseph reveals that he lost his glasses, much to Sebastian's dismay. Sebastian goes back through the gate and grabs the glasses, as Joseph attempts to act as a distraction. Once he has his glasses, Joseph explains that it isn't so much about seeing as it is feeling normal.

After entering the Church, Joseph begins coughing and sits to take a break. Leslie is heard yelling underneath an altar and Sebastian talks to Joseph. Joseph talks about how he is scared because for some reason he wants to change. Sebastian then stabs the syringe, used to heal himself, into the back of Joseph's head, which leaves him unconscious. Ruvik is then seen on a chandelier. He then begins to levitate Sebastian and the furniture around him. Sebastian is then teleported to the area in which The Keeper is kept.

Chapter 12

Joseph is once again reunited with Sebastian at the very start of Chapter 12. He's happy to say that he has had no more episodes while Sebastian says he wishes he could say the same. Joseph announces that he found transportation while pointing to a bus. After being asked if it works he replies, stating there is only one way to find out. Kidman then rushes onto the bus and starts it, due to being chased by Heresy. After getting away the bus is then attacked by Haunted. Joseph, Sebastian, and Kidman must then fight off the hordes of enemies. When they finish off the Haunted, Heresy appears again and Sebastian and Joseph finish it off.

Shortly after, Joseph is shot through the side by a sniper. Kidman stops the bus, and Sebastian must go find first aid for him in a nearby ambulance. After he returns, Joseph is given first aid and quickly recovers, though the bus is then lifted by Ruvik and flung through a building where Joseph and Sebastian fall out. Kidman is then forced to continue through the building until finally stopping, the bus protruding from the side.

Chapter 13

Sebastian and Joseph wake up as the bus which held Kidman falls to the ground. They both run up, worried for their companion. Sebastian and Joseph attempt to go through the hotel and reach the bus. Sebastian then enters a elevator shaft, but after making it through, the elevator breaks, separating Sebastian and Joseph. Joseph then tells him that he sees another way and will meet him on a lower level. Joseph is then later seen shooting at The Keeper and fleeing. The next time Joseph is encountered he enters a dumbwaiter, in an attempt to escape the Keeper. Next he is seen when Sebastian runs into Kidman, who is about to shoot Leslie. Sebastian intervenes, aiming the gun at Kidman. Joseph then attempts to approach Leslie while Sebastian distracts Kidman. Leslie proceeds to scream loudly and run away. Kidman begins shooting at Leslie, but Joseph is shot instead in the crossfire.


Like Kidman, Joseph is steadfast and orderly yet this does not make him combative with his partner and close friend, Sebastian Castellanos who has shown flexibility in breaking the police guidelines to get results. He has shown considerable tolerance for Castellanos ethically sketchy behaviour due to his past tragedies but it was his friends alcholism that finally caused Joseph to take litigation against Castellanos out of fear for his wellbeing thought it would cause a strain on their friendship. However, Joseph has displayed suicidal "episodes" throughout the STEM ordeal and this becomes more apparent during his descent into a Haunted. Ruvik elborates to Sebastian that "Joseph couldn't [live with himself after what Ruvik made him do] presumably this was attacking Kidman when he came close to fully transforming and this exacerbated his bleak outlook of ever truly escaping. When he became a Haunted, Joseph showed a level awareness regarding Kidman's true goal given to her by MOBIUS and attempted to stop her from obtaining "him" (whether this was referencing Sebastian or Leslie is unknown).


Although Sebastian later accuses Kidman of killing Joseph, his body is absent from the bathtubs he and Sebastian were connected to. Kidman, upon instructing Sebastian to pretend to be dead within the bathtub, tells her unknown acquaintance to "leave that one, and those two" (in reference to Jimenez and Connelly, who are confirmed as dead.) Joseph being left out of the body count leads to heavy implications that he is not dead, but whether or not this is truly the case is left ambiguous.

In "The Consequence," Joseph's heartbeat can be heard while approaching his body in the STEM system; Connelly and Jimenez's heartbeats, in contrast, cannot be heard. John Johanas has confirmed that this does mean Joseph survived being shot by Kidman, [1] and thus Joseph is alive at the time of the final boss battle. At the end of "The Consequence," Joseph is seen being dragged away by two MOBIUS agents, and so while the implications point to him being alive his fate has, once again, been left ambiguous.

In The Interlude, Issue 1, Sebastian is under the impression that Joseph was killed.

The Assignment

Joseph appears in The Assignment DLC as a companion and later an enemy boss.

Kidman first sees Joseph and Sebastian around the time Chapter 5 of the main story is taking place but is unable to communicate with them. After Ruvik confronts her, she briefly reunites with them after the two free her from the water chamber but the ground beneath her and Joseph collapses.

She reunites with Joseph in a sewer, though as they attempt to find a way out amid an oncoming horde of Haunted, Kidman is warned in a vision by her boss that Joseph is dangerous. Her fears that Joseph would find out the truth about her come true when, after being separated from Sebastian, Joseph turns and attempts to kill her. Without a gun Kidman sneaks up to Joseph and strikes him three times with each axe before he turns back to normal and falls defeated.

The Consequence

Juli Kidman encounters Joseph yet again in The Consequence. His reappearance surprises Kidman, who thought she had killed him earlier. Like in the main game, Juli seems to fatally shoot Joseph when he gets in the way of her trying to kill Leslie. However, Joseph seems to have survived as Juli encounters the bodies of everyone connected to the STEM later on. The bodies of Joseph, Juli and Sebastian still had a heartbeat while the deceased Marcelo and Oscar did not, implying that he is still alive.

The Executioner

Joseph is the only main character from the main game to be seen again in this DLC (other than the bonus boss fight against Sebastian). Mobius says that he's the only enemy sent into STEM in his normal body, while everyone else was sent in with the bodies of certain enemies. Joseph was sent back into STEM for their experiment, and it has been noted that he seems to turn into a haunted at random intervals and that he keeps bouncing back and forth.

The job of the player is to kill Joseph so that he can help stop his daughter's memory loss inside of STEM. You fight Joseph as a haunted and you have to beat him until he's down. When he is, his body burns away just like every other enemy The Keeper fights. However, he can be seen later on, when you walk down the hallway before entering the Boss Battle area, he's seen in the one of the many rooms along with the other people. They all appear to be unconscious in the tubs. Using the Keeper's second vision, it is inferred that Joseph is not actually present in the tub; rather, he is a memory.


Sebastian Castellanos

"Krimson City needs more men like him on the force and it’s an honor to be working with him."
—Sebastian, writing about Joseph

Despite initially being optimistic about working with Joseph, Sebastian's slow descent into alcoholism has turned their partnership sour. Concerned with Sebastian’s safety, Joseph filled a report to Internal Affairs, which saved Sebastian his job, but created an emotional rift between them.

During the events of the game, Sebastian shows dedication in protecting Joseph, going so far as to put Joseph's well-being above his. Despite the events of the past, the friendship that the two have is still very apparent.

Juli Kidman

"Joseph, as usual, tells me that I’m being oversensitive. I think he’s got a crush on her, maybe..."
—Sebastian, writing about how Joseph thinks he's being oversensitive about Kidman

In The Consequence, it shows that when Kidman was first being transferred to the KCPD, Joseph wasn't too thrilled that Sebastian wanted to train her. He was shown to not want to have to deal with her. However, after that, he grows more respect for her and possibly even develops a crush on her.

This interesting due to the fact that in the memory that Juli sees, Sebastian is shown to really want her to come with them, but in the main game, it's shown that Sebastian thinks that dealing with her is babysitting duty and he starts to suspect's that she's hiding something. In the memory Joseph is seen not wanting to deal with her and bring her with them. This is different, as in the main game, he was accepting her and calling Sebastian oversensitive for saying that he thinks she's hiding something. This may be a mistake by the developers, or effects of the STEM on Juil's memories.

There is a segment after Juli and Joseph fall through the floor where he becomes a haunted and Juli has to fight him. She has to attack him three times before he turns back into a normal person. He then drops to the ground (possibly dead or unconscious). She then is shown to be upset about having to hurt him and says he should've just stayed out of the way.

After this Kidman is not seen physically interacting with Joseph until he and Sebastian find her leading Leslie through a park. She ends up accidentally shooting Joseph instead of Leslie when the earthquake happens, and she doesn't stay behind to apologize for what she's done but rather she immediately runs after Leslie.

Thus it can be said that they have a rather complicated relationship, because Juli puts her job first.

Oscar Connelly

Their relationship is not heavily explored, though it can be assumed they were on good terms. However, they both seemed much more susceptible to Ruvik's influence than Seb or Juli.

Leslie Withers

The interaction between these two has been brief (when he tries to reach Leslie but he screams), so their relationship is unknown.


"Will you be able to live with yourself knowing what I'm going to make you do? Poor little Joseph couldn't..."
—Ruvik talking about Joseph to Sebastian

Though they've never been interacting on screen, we can use evidence to figure out what their relationship is like. Ruvik seems to treat Joseph as if he's a pawn in his plans. Like Connelly, Joseph appears to be much more susceptible to Ruvik's influence than Sebastian or Juli. However, he is not as susceptible as Connelly, as he is seen fighting against the urges to turn into a haunted. Ruvik also mentions Joseph and how because of trying to kill Juli that he can't live with himself. It's obvious that he used Joseph as an example to show Juli that the people you trust can turn on you in an instant.


Concept Art





  • The name "Oda" was taken from Japanese shogun Oda Nobunaga.
  • The Art of The Evil Within reveals a plethora of background information on Joseph. However, none of this information is mentioned in the game and is thus most likely not considered canon.
    • He is married with one daughter.
    • He is from Toronto and is a second-generation Japanese Canadian.
    • His glasses are a keepsake from his grandfather.
    • There is something special about his glasses.
    • For breakfast he eats buttered toast with nori.
    • He only speaks a little Japanese.
    • In the art book, he does not appear to have a handwritten signature. Instead, he uses the Oda (織田) seal.
  • The Haunted Joseph Oda boss fight is very similar to the Puppet Cybil Bennett boss fight in Silent Hill 1, in which both are possessed, mutated cops that try to kill the protagonist in which their main attack is firing their gun at the player, so other words another inspiration from the Silent Hill Series alongside The Keeper.
  • Joseph's voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, also voiced characters in another title published by Bethesda: Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The "keys" section of the game's menu (under "archive") describe Joseph's glasses as: "Joseph's glasses. He has worn the same pair for as long as Sebastian has known him."
  • Although his glasses are knocked off near the end of Chapter 6 by the Sentinel, Joseph never looses his glasses in equally chaotic situations, including being blown off the bridge earlier in the same chapter, being violently knocked off a high ledge in Chapter 5, and a massive bus crash in Chapter 12.
  • In Chapter 6, when walking up the stairs to the church after fighting the Sentinel for the second time, Sebastian mutters out of ear-shot about Joseph's glasses: "Jeez, Joseph. All that for a pair of glasses."


  1. [1]John Johanas confirms to a player the importance of Joseph's heartbeat via Twitter

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