Keys are collectible items found throughout The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2They are used to open lockers in Safe Haven and Sebastian's Room to obtain items.

The Evil WithinEdit

Most keys are hidden in Goddess Statues, while some can be found in particular places. It is also possible to find keys inside a locker as random loot. Opening all the lockers awards you with the Master of Unlocking Trophy/Achievement.

Chapter 2: Remnants Edit

There are a total of 2 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #1:
    • Location: To get the first key, look to the left of the metal gates before entering the town. The statue is on a half stone wall.
  • Key #2:
    • Location: Through the gate, continue into the town and follow the right path at the campfire to the building up on the hill. Go inside and enter the first room down the hallway. There’s a box on the small sink.

Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde Edit

There are a total of 4 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #3:
    • Location:In the main mission area, take care of the sniper, then look on the wooden struts of the tall watchtower. Shoot it to collect the key from the ground.
  • Key #4:
    • Location: In the same area, walk down the main exterior path and look on the stone wall between the burning two-story house (where the sniper was waiting on the terrace) and the barn. Shoot the statue on the stone wall to drop it to the ground.
  • Key #5:
    • Location: Go up to the terrace and look across at the windows of the mansion where the doctor hid. From the terrace stairs, look at the upper back window. The statue is hanging from a rope over, shoot it to drop a key.
  • Key #6:
    • Location: The last key is in the top floor of the barn. Climb the ladder up to a small room with a statue.

Chapter 4: The Patient Edit

There are a total of 2 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #7:
    • Location: To get the key in this chapter, enter the Hospice and go to the operating room where the doctor is butchering the presumably dead patient. Kill the doctor, check the X-Ray, then interact with the body. Jab the knife inside, and you’ll get a key along with your jump scare.
  • Key #8:
    • Location: After meeting Ruvik and falling into the bloody body disposal room, look for a switch on the wall perpendicular with the catwalk. Pull the lever twice and a statue will dump out.

Chapter 5: Inner Recesses Edit

There are a total of 3 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #9:
    • Location: This one is tricky. After dropping down through the hole in the floor past the bathroom, look around the room with the baby doll on a round table. There’s a rat scurrying around inside with the statue attached to its back.
  • Key #10:
    • Location: After shutting down the water trap and freeing Kidman, Sebastian needs to return to the cell block downstairs. Smash the first lock on the left and go inside to destroy the statue on the bed.
  • Key #11:
    • Location: Fend off Laura, then return to the room where she appeared. Open the tall locker in the back corner, and a bird will fly out with the statue attached to its back. Shoot the bird to drop the statue to the ground.

Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves Edit

There are a total of 4 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #12:
    • Location: At the start of the chapter, head down the sea-side cliffs to a small ruined structure. Inside, there’s a body hanging over one window. Burn the body with a match to reveal a hidden statue or just nudge it out of the way.
  • Key #13:
    • Location: In the huge destroyed area where spear-gunners are shooting from boxes, use the Sniper Rifle to look at the tower. Look high above the box-gunners, there’s a metal ledge circling the tower with a statue in the center. Shoot it and the key will drop down to the tower door below.
  • Key #14:
    • Location: In the abandoned marketplace, stick to the right boundary of the area. Behind a wheelbarrow are two stacked breakable crates. Smash them and crawl under the hole in the stone wall. There’s a hidden statue down the path.
  • Key #15:
    • Location: Dropping down into the catacombs, you’ll enter a sacrificial chamber with four slabs. On the left, there are body bags on hooks moving down a line. Wait in the fence opening and wait until a body cycles by with a statue attached to it’s back.

Chapter 7: The Keeper Edit

There are a total of 4 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #16:
    • Location: After removing the Old Lithograph, the catacomb wall will slide open. Straight ahead and slightly left there’s a table with a lockbox helmet. Open it to get a key.
  • Key #17:
    • Location: In the hub area where Sebastian needs to acquire three lithographs, go through the right door. Inside the first room with a dropping spike trap, use the switch to lower the platform. Step on and ride up until it stops. On one of the pillars there’s a statue you can destroy.
  • Key #18:
    • Location: Moving on down the path to the larger spike ceiling trap room, the one with the crank device to open the exit gate, continue forward to another smaller spike trap right before the lithograph wall. Use the lever to lower the platform, then ride it up to a secret cache area.
  • Key #19:
    • Location: There’s yet another key in this path. To the left of the crank door, several monsters will burst out when you attempt to turn it. Go through the unlocked double doors where there’s a guillotine. Return here after completing the left path and turning off the poison gas. When the gas is gone, go down the pathway to a sacrificial area where tons of items can be found, including a statue.

Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will Grow Edit

There are a total of 3 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #20:
    • Location: Eventually in the caves Sebastian will turn a crank to open a door. The statue attached to the chain will lower into your view.
  • Key #21:
    • Location: Past the next crank gate, Sebastian will drop into the water. Stick to the right wall and continue until reaching an area where there are waterfalls. Behind one of the streams there’s a semi-hidden statue.
  • Key #22:
    • Location: In the circular room where the strange system disappears (the STEM is missing) from the last time you entered, look at the double doors blocked by pipes. On the vertical pipe, a statue is poking out of the top hole.

Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions Edit

There are a total of 5 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #23:
    • Location: In the mansion courtyard, look in the branches of the dead tree to the right of the front doors. Shoot the statue and pick up the key from the ground.
  • Key #24:
    • Location: Enter the dining room path and into the stock room where Ruben’s experiment is located. On one of the shelving units, look on top near the wall to find a statue.
  • Key #25:
    • Location: Go upstairs and open the double doors into the gallery. Look up at the ceiling skylight where a statue is stuck to one of the corners.
  • Key #26:
    • Location: Inside the back bedroom where one of the brain experiments can be found through the fireplace passage, look on the desk with the record player.
  • Key #27:
    • Location: In the burning barn, ride the lift up to the exit window. Don’t leave yet, burn the hay bails in the right corner to reveal a secret statue.

Chapter 10: The Craftsman's Tools Edit

There are a total of 4 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #28:
    • Location: Down the ladder in the basement, there’s a door on the left surrounded with spike traps. Don’t let them scare you. Go inside and smash the crates in the back corner to find a hidden statue.
  • Key #29:
    • Location: The next key can be found before entering the maze to activate the spinning traps. Return to the “hub” area where the locked gate blocks your path. There’s a small chamber with low spikes. Shoot the statue, then you’ll be safe to sneak in and grab the key. Be careful not to get crushed.
  • Key #30:
    • Location: Inside the maze, you’ll eventually encounter a single heat lamp crusher near a door. Shoot the statue in the back corner when the crusher extends, then crawl into the alcove to collect the key.
  • Key #31:
    • Location: To get the last key in this chapter, you’ll need to kill the Laura boss instead of just retreating. Do enough damage and she’ll die, but it may take a second playthrough to bring enough ammo and weaponry to bring her down. If she’s dead, instead of retreating to the elevator you can look along the outer edge for a cache of items. That includes a Statue.

Chapter 11: Reunion Edit

There are a total of 5 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #32:
    • Location: In the opening area of the city, circle around the Merry-Go-Round and step onto the car floating in the water to get as close as possible. The Statue is on a horse, so just wait for it to circle around, shoot it then grab the key as it circles over to where you're standing.
  • Key #33:
    • Location: After dropping into the water, look for the statue floating nearby. To get it, you’ll need to push it while swimming into the exit tunnel. This is right before you first encounter with Shigyo.
  • Key #34:
    • Location: Crossing two blue pipes into a building with a soda machine on your right, press the button twice to get a statue. Just watch out, press it three times and a proximity bomb will fall out.
  • Key #35:
    • Location: Once you meet up with Kidman again and fend off the enemies, the double doors will open to reveal a stairwell and an elevator. Press the elevator button to open the doors and smash the statue.
  • Key #36:
    • Location: Leaving the dark mannequin factory and stepping out onto the exterior catwalk, use the Sniper Rifle to scan the environment. It's hanging on a rope attached to the end of a giant crane in the distance. Shoot it, it lands near the red bench by the exit.

Chapter 13: Casualties Edit

There are a total of 4 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #37:
    • Location: Entering the apartment floor where the Keeper is waiting, sneak down the right path past the barbed-wire mine. Wait for the Keeper to leave, then look in the ruined section. The statue can be seen on the destroyed floor above next to the v-shaped girders. Shoot it and grab the key that falls down to the left of the fire.
  • Key #38:
    • Location: At the hallway with the Haunted strapped with explosives, turn around and inspect the stack of tarp covered crates at the back end of the hallway. The statue lies jammed between the top of the crates and the light fixture.
  • Key #39:
    • Location: Inside the trapped kitchen, a short cutscene will play revealing the spiked devices that slide around the floor. After the intro plays, move left and look on the metal table for a statue.
  • Key #40:
    • Location: After the Keeper encounter in the meat locker, you’ll step out of the elevator into a room. Check the slightly-open elevator shaft to the left for another statue.

Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives Edit

There are a total of 5 keys in this chapter, located in the following:

  • Key #41:
    • Location: You wake up in a subway, head down the escalator and look for a glowing yellow sign with markers for the telephone and bathroom. Between the sign and a ruined pillar, there’s a section of missing ceiling tile. Look above and shoot the statue through the hole.
  • Key #42:
    • Location: Past the Haunted creature with the Agony Bow, you’ll reach a tunnel with a view of the outside. Look on the right before going through the archway. There’s a Statue visible in the back train car window.
  • Key #43:
    • Location: In the underground sewers you’ll reach a hallway lined with traps and a fence to the right. Look through it to spot the statue. Go through the passage on the right, guarded by an AlterEgo, and burn through the stretched skin membrane to reach it.
  • Key #44:
    • Location: Set the panels to power the elevator and fight the boss to use the crank and restore power to the lift. Once the electricity is back on, go right to spot electricity active and creating an opening. Crawl under the electricity and smash the statue embedded in the flesh.
  • Key #45:
    • Location: Up the lift and just about at the end of the chapter, you’ll find the statue directly in your path.

List of Keys Edit

There are no keys in Chapter 1: An Emergency Call, Chapter 12: The Ride , Chapter 15: An Evil Within. These are the only chapters without any keys.

  • Chapter 2 - 2 keys.
  • Chapter 3 - 4 keys.
  • Chapter 4 - 2 keys.
  • Chapter 5 - 3 keys.
  • Chapter 6 - 4 keys.
  • Chapter 7 - 4 keys.
  • Chapter 8 - 3 keys.
  • Chapter 9 - 5 keys.
  • Chapter 10 - 4 keys.
  • Chapter 11 - 5 keys.
  • Chapter 13 - 4 keys.
  • Chapter 14 - 5 keys.

There is a total of 47 keys, but only 45 of these are used.

Safe Haven Lockers Edit

  • Key #46:
    • Location: Randomly found inside the Lockers.
  • Key #47:
    • Location: Randomly found inside the Lockers.

The Evil Within 2Edit

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