Laura (Creature)
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Biographical Information
Physical Description
Height:10'2 (3.1m)
Mass:485 lbs. (220kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within
The Evil Within 2
English Voice:Adrienne Wilkinson
(The Evil Within)
Elinor Gunn
(The Evil Within 2)
"Deep down I knew she was only an apparition, but I would regain my face, recover what was taken from me, restore her. My beloved sister, Laura."
―Ruvik vowing to make things the way they used to be
The Laura Creature, also commonly referred to as Reborn Laura, is an enemy that appears in The Evil Within and briefly in The Evil Within 2.


A creature born from the memory of Laura's tragic death and Ruvik's own vengefulness. She is nearly immune to bullets but reacts violently to open flame, a reference to the barn-house fire which heavily injured Laura and placed her in a vegetative state that led to her eventual death.


Laura moves quite slowly, however, she can teleport over short distances to keep up with Sebastian. In addition she can spawn out of any dead body left on the ground in the area. Sebastian encounters her at the end of Chapter 4, seemingly invulnerable to bullets, forcing the player to run away from her to avoid getting killed.

It is possible to defeat her in chapter 4. It is extremely tough and costly on ammo however. When defeated, she will flee into the ground. She leaves behind a pool of 8000 brain gel and the room she was in can be looted for another 1000 brain gel and some ammo. She can be fought in the room she appears in Chapter 4, but it is very hard here since every time you try to focus aim at her, she will teleport, making it nearly impossible to hit her. The way to avoid this is by not using focus aim but instead just pointing and shooting at her, hitting her with the shotgun seems to also stun her for a few seconds. This is also implied in the loading screen for this chapter where the loading screen says, that "the long haired enemy can be fought but it would be costly."

In Chapter 5, Laura is once again seen, this time you must fight her. After burning her in the incinerator three times (could also vary depending on difficulty or method of burning her) she screams once more before disappearing. Fire (match, fuel, tanks) causes heavy damage to her - including explosive bolts from the Agony Crossbow. Other firearms (Revolver, Shotgun) are able to damage her, albeit with greatly reduced damage, and so you should not rely on them.

Laura will be met later on in the game once again, in Chapter 10, before the Amalgam Alpha teleports Sebastian to a different zone. She is first seen crawling on a large wire tube, where she will eventually break through after Sebastian opens a door. The emphasis here is to once again run. She can be defeated, but she will take more damage to beat than in the first encounter, and its only recommended you do so on a second playthrough with the RPG. If Sebastian manages to kill Laura, he will be able to access the supplies to the right of the escape elevator. If Laura is not defeated, she will grab Sebastian in the elevator as it descends, causing it to sever two of her arms.

In all confrontations with Laura, it is vital to keep your distance. If she gets too close, she will attempt a grab that will result in instant death if it connects.

The Evil Within 2

Laura briefly returns in The Evil Within 2 during the boss fight with Father Theodore Wallace, who uses Sebastian's memories of STEM to torment him. After Sebastian's defeat of The Sadist and The Keeper, Laura emerges from The Keeper's fallen safe as the setting changes to a room similar to the incinerator where Sebastian fought Laura in his previous trip through STEM. Sebastian avoids Laura long enough to turn two valves and use a lever to ignite an overhead incinerator in the center of the room, defeating his memory of Laura. Additionally, if Sebastian has built his own flamethrower, it can also be used to similar effect. As Laura screams, she shifts back into Father Theodore, who is also on fire.


  • The track that plays when she appears is called "Fire Seems to Work"
  • The Laura Creature resembles the Jorōgumo from Japanese folklore, a spider yokai that takes the form of a seductive woman.
  • The Laura Creature was featured at the end of the first gameplay previews [1].
  • The Laura Creature possesses many features from the original Laura. Apart from her face and long black hair, her bloodied appearance may be inspired upon Laura's preference of red clothing. Her weakness to fire is likely based upon her tragic death, a trait shared with Ruvik as bullets are innefective, but screamed in pain when Castellanos used his lantern on him. Her tall stature may be a reference to how Laura was Ruvik's older sister.
  • Using the Agony Crossbow, the player is able to sever the two arms that extend from her back. While this does slow her down, they will grow back within seconds.
  • When Laura kills Sebastian she appears to drink the blood spilling out of his severed neck.
  • The Laura Creature's constant screaming is easily referencing Ruvik's last memory of Laura with her last traumatic scream as she was being burned, leading to the creature only possessing that audio reference of the memory.
  • In various early concept artworks, the Laura Creature was originally labeled as "Re-Bone Laura" and "Reborn Laura".
  • If Laura is finished off using a firearm rather than a fire based attack (torch, incendiary barrels, etc.) she will still burst into flames upon "death."
  • Laura is similar to the monster from the campfire story "Click Clack Slide", being the disfigured, crawling, undead remains of a woman with long fingernails.
  • Ruvik's love for Laura is described as bordering incestuous by Marcelo Jimenez in one of his audio logs. This could be why Reborn Laura barely has any clothing.
  • At the end of the reveal trailer for The Evil Within 2, Sebastian is grabbed by multiple clawed hands and dragged into the floor, which was a way the creature would kill the player if they stood still for a long enough period.


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