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Leslie 25
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Height:5'8 (172 cm)
Mass:112 lbs (51 kg)
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Appearance(s):The Evil Within

The Assignment The Consequence

English Voice:Aaron Landon
Japanese Voice:Kengo Kawanishi [1]
"You'll...protect me?"
—Leslie to Kidman

Leslie is a character who appears in The Evil Within, The Assignment and The Consequence. He is a patient of Marcelo Jimenez and was originally Valerio Jimenez's patient.


As a patient of Beacon Mental Hospital, Leslie underwent "treatments" which included ongoing experimentation. These experiments have left him extremely mistrustful of people.

Leslie was not always like this. He became catatonic after a traumatic experience as a child: His family was murdered in front of him. Leslie seems to live in denial about what happened to his family, as he asks Kidman if "Leslie can go home?" when Sebastian sees them in the park nearing the end of the main game. He dreams of the day when he will be reunited with them, thinking he'll take a train ride home.

The Evil Within

Leslie is first seen sitting in the back of an ambulance with Dr. Jimenez and Juli Kidman, panicking at the bumpy ride and Dr. Jimenez is trying to comfort him. He seems to know that they are going to drive over a cliff and when they crash, he and the others are scattered.

Throughout most of the game, Leslie is only seen for a few seconds to a few minutes at a time after being found by either Sebastian, Kidman, or Dr. Jimenez before getting scared and running off again, though how he manages to survive on his own, unarmed, is unknown. Although, the fact that he may have been guided by Ruvik is possible.

There is also a short scene where Joseph and Sebastian see Kidman leading Leslie into Cedar Hill Church.

At one point, Sebastian is locked in a room after becoming infected and attacking Kidman. About a few seconds after she leaves, Leslie is heard repeating "Get it open" over and over again as he tries to get the door to Sebastian's prison open. As soon as it's open far enough, Leslie then starts to yell for help and takes off again apparently knowing that enemies are near.

Dr. Jimenez is the one to mention Leslie's special connection to Ruvik, that he is the only one to survive being linked to him, so Dr. Jimenez attempts to use him to find their way back (which seems to cause Leslie extreme pain), only for it to fail, but getting the attention of Ruvik, who sends his Amalgam Alpha monster after Leslie, killing Dr. Jiminez in the process. Leslie and Sebastian are separated once more because of the beast.

Leslie is later seen with Kidman, who, knowing that Ruvik is after him, promptly tries to shoot him, and by that destroying Ruvik itself, only to be confronted by Sebastian who defends Leslie. Kidman takes a shot trying to shoot Leslie but accidentally hits Joseph.

Leslie is again seen attempting to lead Sebastian somewhere but is once again separated from him by Ruvik, then reunited with Sebastian in the Brain Room they are all being kept in, as he is running away from Kidman. Kidman tries to reason with Sebastian, but Sebastian disagrees that Leslie should die when their predicament is Ruvik's doing. But Leslie then gives in to Ruvik.

Leslie is last seen by Sebastian outside of STEM, walking away upright instead of his normally hunched gait, from Beacon Mental Hospital. Sebastian gets another headache from what seems to be the same kind of signal he's been hearing throughout the game and takes his eyes off of Leslie for a moment. When he looks back up, he seems to have disappeared.

The answer to where and why Leslie was trying to guide Sebastian to wherever it was he was guiding him is never answered. Nothing is known about what happened to him after the events of the game.


Leslie has pale skin and white hair. He has dark purple markings around his eyes, a possible result from extreme sleep deprivation, or insomnia. One of his front teeth has a large chip in it. His body also shows signs of neglect from his caretakers as he has rotten, chipped brown teeth, bruise-like spots around one of his eyes and is barefoot as well.

He is seen wearing a white mental hospital outfit.

He usually stands either hunched over or very upright, looking at the floor, with his hands either close together or over his ears.


Leslie's mental state is most likely delayed. He is mostly seen as very frightened and easily overwhelmed by his surroundings, and tends to openly panic on or off on his own while the other characters maintain a calmer disposition. He has a tendency to repeat the last few words said by whoever may be around him. He seems to be very confused, if not detached from his surroundings, probably living in his own world.

He does show a hint of happiness while in a playground with Kidman, but that soon fades when she attempts to shoot him; that aside, he´s mentally unstable most of the game. He seems to have a strong connection with Sebastian, who he not only refers to by name, but gravitates towards and attempts to help throughout the game. This may be because Sebastian is consistently seen being friendly and trustworthy towards Leslie, creating a kind of friendship. This can be seen when Leslie warns Sebastian of danger, tries to open a door for him, and hides behind the detective whilst being pursued by Kidman.

Leslie seems to be aware of and largely fearful of Ruvik, panicking when he is near. He views Ruvik as a hostile entity, as seen when he uses Kidman's handgun to shoot at Ruvik in The Consequences DLC.

His condition

During a memory showing Leslie in the STEM machine, Ruvik states that the "subject's case history cites developmental delays and indicates issues with communication, social cognition, and repetitive behaviours. Signs of synesthesia was reported. Genealogy suggests increased susceptibility to external stimuli and pattern adaptiveness."

It was also said in a flashback, that since Leslie's family was murdered in front of him as a child, his trauma from the event makes his brain waves correlate with Ruvik, due to Ruvik losing his sister. Their similar traumatic experiences makes Leslie a viable replacement at the core to replace Ruvik.

Leslie has always compensated for his difficulty communicating by unconsciously emulating the thoughts of others. This characteristic is what Ruvik sought for his experiment in linking consciousness. This characteristic is what Mobius sought as well as a sort of "blank slate". Leslie's unconscious emulation of the thoughts of others could enable Mobius to create their own world easily.

Leslie appears to have achromia, or also known as albinism, due to his white hair and pale skin.

His indeterminate fate

Nearing the end of the game, while still inside STEM, Ruvik liquefies and assimilates Leslie, absorbing him into his brain. Later, outside of STEM, it was shown that Leslie's body was missing from the bathtub he was placed in. Sebastian, after waking up from STEM and leaving the scene of the crime, saw Leslie walking away from Beacon Mental hospital, seemingly unseen by everyone else and acting uncharacteristically calmer. He disappears after Sebastian gets another brief headache.

In the DLC ( The Assignment ), after Kidman wakes up, she sees multiple tubs with everyone in them. Not long after you see Leslie quickly lean up from the tub, he starts to cough uncontrollably. Kidman is surprised to see Leslie up and is confused. She doesn't know if Ruvik possessed Leslie's body, or if Leslie is actually alive, but soon he was taken away by two Mobius scientists.

In The Executioner, which is a DLC, Leslie is mentioned twice in the Mobius objective documents.The working theory by Mobius is that Ruvik managed to escape through Leslie.

Whether Leslie escaped on his own, or if Ruvik successfully got out of STEM by possessing his body is left unknown.


Juli Kidman

In the DLC, Kidman is assigned by Mobius to find Leslie and remove him from the system in order to use him as a replacement to Ruvik's brain, as Leslie is tame and easy to manipulate. However, when she realizes that he is the only way for Ruvik to escape from STEM, Kidman attempts to shoot Leslie twice, once at the church and once at the park. At the park, she realizes it's not his fault and that he is innocent and apologizes to him before she is stopped by Sebastian, who is unaware of Ruvik's intentions.

Kidman ultimately fails in her mission to remove Leslie from the system or to kill him to prevent Ruvik escaping.

Sebastian Castellanos

Leslie looks to Sebastian as being someone he can trust, much like Kidman. In Chapter 15, Leslie hides behind Sebastian for protection from Kidman, who was trying to kill him to prevent Ruvik from escaping. Leslie has been shown to help Sebastian out in certain situations. In Chapter 11, Sebastian is locked in a room by Kidman and Leslie helps Sebastian get out via the other door by pushing the debris that was blocking it.

Valerio Jimenez

In Chapter 4, it is revealed that Valerio was Leslie's first doctor in the Hospice. Not much is known about their relationship, or how Valerio took care of Leslie. It's theorized that Valerio might be partially responsible for Leslie's bad appearance, but it is still unconfirmed if this is true or not.

Marcelo Jimenez


  • Leslie's name may be a reference to an Alfred, Lord Tennyson quote “I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair”, referencing to the ultimate fate of Leslie during the situation.


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