Lily Castellanos
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:July 18, 2006
Occupation:Previously a Kindergartener
Family:Sebastian Castellanos (father)
Myra Hanson (mother)
Physical Description
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within(mentioned) "The Evil Within 2"

Lily Castellanos is a character in The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. She is the daughter of Sebastian Castellanos and Myra Hanson.


Little is known about Lily, except she was the daughter of Sebastian and Myra, and had a babysitter, Juanita Flores. Sebastian wrote in his journals, that Lily was 5 before she supposedly died, as she was said to have started Kindergarten already.

In The Evil Within 2, Lily was confirmed to have been abducted by MOBIUS and used as the core of the company's new STEM world after Ruvik's escape. Sebastian ventures back into STEM to free her from the machine, as she is slowly turning insane and the world is going to be destroyed soon, taking her with it.


Lily was caught in a house fire, resulting in the death of both her and Juanita. Lily did not die, but was abducted and used from MOBIUS as their new STEM core.

Sebastian will once again venture into STEM to rescue Lily in The Evil Within 2.


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