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"This will not do. We need something else at the core. Something more acceptable to a whole range of people..."
―The Administrator, disapproving of the formerly strict STEM synchronization with loss of family

Lily Castellanos is a character in The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. She is the daughter of Sebastian Castellanos and Myra Hanson. Not only being a major character within the second game, but also a character of focus within the series.

Appearance Edit

Lily Castellanos is shown as a young child with black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

In The Evil Within 2, she frequently appears to be in white and pink pajamas within Union.

Personality Edit

Lily was described as a sweet, innocent girl for someone of her age. She was described by Sebastian as someone who was both observant and empathetic towards others. She was both smart and creative, scoring very high on standardized tests and showing some talent with drawing.


Early Life Edit

Initially little was known about Lily, save that she was the only daughter of Sebastian and Myra. Sebastian wrote in his journals, that Lily was 5 before she supposedly died, as she was said to have started Kindergarten already.

The Fire Edit

Lily was caught in a house fire at the family home, resulting in the death of her and her babysitter, Juanita Flores. The report of the incident filed later led to drive her parents apart.

In truth, Lily did not die, but was abducted by MOBIUS. Through one of their agents, Esmeralda Torres, Lily's kidnapping was staged to look as an accidental death and the reports filed were falsified to cover up the organization's involvement with the incident. As a result, Lily was kept under MOBIUS as an asset for a later purpose.

The Evil Within 2 Edit

Details and more information (and corrections) needed.

Before the events of the game, Lily Castellanos was inducted as the Core of MOBIUS's new STEM project: an artificial town called Union. However, one day she went missing, and shortly after the town began to collapse, which gradually got worse over time. MOBIUS agents were sent into STEM to track her down, but were unsuccessful in their search and became trapped in Union.

When Sebastian is brought into the STEM pod, he would begin to search for his daughter, Lily, in the hopes of rescuing her from the nightmare of Union. During that time, however, she was running away from Stefano Valentini, who was chasing her so that she could be his greatest art yet. She was chased into a gas station at first, and managed to escape through the window. However, she eventually found herself within one of the factories in Union and hid herself underneath a desk; after seeing Stefano seemingly leave, she would attempt to crawl out, only to be captured by him moments later.

After the death of Stefano, Lily would be screaming upon seeing her father, and proceeds to back away from him, believing him to just be dead. That was when Myra would come and tell Sebastian that he could not have her, and takes Lily away from him.

After going around Union and slowly seeing it dismantle over a period of time, Sebastian would eventually find out where Lily was: at a reconstruction of their old house. He proceeded to get to her as quickly as he could. However, Myra was there, and was intent to kill him to keep Lily safe. After an intense battle, Myra would come to her senses and tell Sebastian that he needed to take Lily and go out of STEM.

Lily would be within her room and asked her father if it was really him, and the two would share a heartfelt moment together. The rest of Union finally begins to undergo an imminent collapse, with Sebastian taking Lily to his Room, going through the mirror and finally escaping STEM once and for all.

Once in the real world, the doors to her pod are opened and she is woken up by Sebastian, holding her in his arms. She comments to him how she had the worst nightmare ever.

In the post-credits sequence, Lily is seen with Kidman and Sebastian, being given a present from the former, and rides off with her father to a seemingly new life together.


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