Restricted to STEM

STEM itself

It's page: STEM

Sadist's Torture Room

It's page: Sadist's Torture Room

Safe Haven

It's page: Save Haven

STEM Machine Room

It's page: STEM Machine Room

Krimson City

Is a fictional city, and the main setting of the game. After Sebastian's first attempt at leaving Beacon Mental Hospital, the entire city becomes twisted and ravaged to Ruvik's will. Krimson City appears to become infested by the Haunted and other horrors. Traversing the ruined city takes place in later chapters. Map fragments of the area of Krimson City can be collected and completed.

Beacon Mental Hospital

A key location in the game. It's page: Beacon Mental Hospital

Krimson Expressway

Krimson Subway

Krimson City Police Department Precinct

Only accessed in the DLC's by Juli Kidman. It's page: Krimson City Police Department Precinct

Places and area's outside of Krimson

The Woods

It's page: The Woods

The Perth House

Village of Elk River

It's page: The Village of Elk River

The Victoriano Mansion

It's page: The Victoriano Mansion

Cedar Hill Church

It's page: Cedar Hill Church

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