Mobius Symbol (transparent)

MOBIUS is a mysterious and antagonistic group who is behind the funding of the creation of the STEM system in Krimson City. They intend to use the machine to link humanity's minds together so that they can control the world. According to Marcelo Jimenez in an audio log, the organization has been in business for more than a century. MOBIUS is led by The Administrator, and Juli Kidman is one of their more notable agents.

Other agents include Tatiana Gutierrez and Myra Hanson. At one point, Dr. Jimenez was also associated with them, as he was only given his position of power, being the head of Beacon, because of them. However in order to keep it, he had to exchange his research with them. During his imprisonment in STEM, Ruvik developed a deep-seated grudge against the organization for betraying him and stealing his life's work. Upon escaping in Leslie's body, he presumably plans to seek revenge against the people partially responsible for ruining his life.

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