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This article is about the weapon obtainable in The Evil Within. For the pistol of the same name in The Evil Within 2, see Magnum (TEW2).
"This custom-made, high-caliber revolver fires powerful large-bore cartridges. It appears to have seen a lot of use."
―Inventory description.

The Magnum is a powerful weapon available to Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within.

The Magnum first appears in Chapter 11, where the player can find it in one of two places: one in one of the buildings near the beginning of the chapter, and the other during the encounter with Ruvik's Doppelgangers in a briefcase. If the Magnum is picked up at the start of the level, the briefcase will contain its ammo instead. Another place to find it is in Chapter 13.


The Magnum in most aspects is an upsized Handgun, boasting the same general stats except for damage and reserve capacity. Whereas the Handgun is a pint-sized peashooter, the Magnum packs a much greater punch, soaring over even the already-powerful Sniper Rifle and is second only to the Rocket Launcher in terms of firepower.

With that said, the Magnum also shares much of the Handgun's own weaknesses, chiefly its small starting capacity of 6 and rather wide bullet spread prior to upgrades. This isn't helped by how startlingly tiny the Magnum's ammo reserve is, and the fact that its ammo is exceedingly hard to come across, even more so than Rifle bullets, which are rare enough as they are. Last but not least, the Magnum's upgrade costs are astronomical, making extended use of it impractical.


Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
100% Firepower 120% Firepower 140% Firepower 160% Firepower 200%
GreenGel 8,000 GreenGel 12,000 GreenGel 18,000 GreenGel 35,000

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Fire rate
1.00s Fire rate 0.90s Fire rate 0.80s Fire rate 0.70s Fire rate 0.50s
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 4,000 GreenGel 6,000 GreenGel 14,000

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
2.48s Reload 1.93s Reload 1.58s Reload 1.33s Reload 1.16s
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 10,000

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Clip size
6 Clip size 7 Clip size 8 Clip size 9 Clip size 12
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 6,000 GreenGel 12,000 GreenGel 20,000

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
5.0° Accuracy 4.5° Accuracy 4.0° Accuracy 3.5° Accuracy 2.5°
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 9,000 GreenGel 15,000

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Max ammo magnum
6 Max ammo magnum 8 Max ammo magnum 10 Max ammo magnum 12 Max ammo magnum 16
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 10,000 GreenGel 15,000


  • The Magnum is a weapon best reserved for especially powerful enemies like the Quell or RPG Sadist, as its reserve capacity is tiny even with upgrades applied, making wasted shots especially punishing.
    • Because of the above, try to always aim for the head to maximize one's mileage with the Magnum.
  • A good combo involving the Magnum is the "FreezeMagnum", a.k.a. one Freeze bolt followed up by one to three Magnum shots, rinse and repeat as necessary. This has the potential to quickly decimate any standard boss within minutes even on Nightmare/AKUMU, provided there is enough ammo.


  • The Magnum is a mishmash of features from various revolvers, but is chiefly based around the frame of an FN Barracuda, with a Colt Python's long three-vented barrel and a Smith & Wesson cylinder latch. The barrel underlug seemed to have been trimmed down.
  • Standing idle with the Magnum equipped results in one of two animations where Sebastian flicks the cylinder open to check his ammo, then snapping it closed. One has Sebastian holding the revolver to eye level to check, while the other seemingly has him do it at waist-height just as he did with the Handgun when he first acquired it.