Magnum model viewer
Found:Chapter 11
Weapon Information
Damage:Very High
Rate of Fire:Medium
Magazine Size:6 (initial)

12 (max)

Maximum Ammunition:6 (initial)

16 (max)

The Magnum is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within.


Sebastian Castellanos has two chances to find it during Chapter 11: in one of the buildings near the start and in the area where the fight with a false Ruvik takes place. If the Magnum is found in the first briefcase, the second briefcase will contain Magnum ammo instead.

The Magnum is similar in appearance to the standard Handgun, except it's more bulky, nickel-plated instead of blued, and has a full underlug. The Magnum deals very high damage and comes loaded with six rounds when first found, but extra ammo is very rare. It is recommended to use it against powerful enemies or bosses only.

An un-upgraded Magnum will kill a Haunted in a single body shot, even if they're wearing a bulletproof vest. Fully upgraded, the Magnum can defeat a Sadist in one headshot or two body shots.

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