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This section contains spoilers for The Evil Within.
Marcelo Jimenez
Ch. 10 Marcelo Jimenez
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:January 8, 1964
Date of Death:Fall, 2014
Family:Valerio Jimenez (brother)
Physical Description
Height:5'10 (178 cm)
Mass:157 lbs (71 kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within

The Assignment
The Consequence

English Voice:Daniel Riordan
"In science one must do any number of things a lay person may find "disgusting". I've done many things others would consider... distasteful."
—Marcelo to Ruvik.

Marcelo Jimenez is a character and a doctor who appears as a main character in The Evil Within. Charged with caring for his patient Leslie Withers, Dr. Jimenez seems to be more than what he initially appears. He is the brother of Valerio Jimenez, Leslie's original doctor.

Marcelo is a doctor who performed clandestine experiments on the patients of Beacon Mental Hospital, working in collusion with a foreign organization. The organization had him instated as head of the hospital, but he ultimately disappeared under mysterious circumstances


Via flashbacks, it is revealed that Jimenez was once connected with an affluent, land-owning family; during one of his visits, he encountered a then-child Ruben Victoriano, and assured the brilliant boy that his experimentation and research, as well as disgusting and distasteful things are sometimes needed in order to further progress.

As the boy aged, Ruben and Jimenez began to work together; in exchange for funding from the family vaults, Jimenez arranged for test subjects for Ruben to work with, though this relationship is later strained when Ruben/Ruvik discovers Jimenez had begun publishing Ruvik's own research under his name.

Jimenez and Ruben work with MOBIUS at some point.

Jimenez tries to protect Ruben but he eventually finds that MOBIUS have left him a mere brain.

Eventually, MOBIUS Betrays an adult Ruvik as they stand on the brink of completing the STEM project, Ruvik's masterpiece; MOBIUS forces an unwilling Ruvik into the role as a primary test subject, recordings from Ruvik revealing that Jimenez and MOBIUS began testing on Ruvik's own brain. Testing STEM linkage with later test subjects proved fatal or prevented the return of the mind of those involved, save for that of Jimenez's own mentally disturbed patient, Leslie.

Those who were working with STEM began to slip into a coma, and those who attempted to flee would find their efforts mysteriously thwarted, causing Jimenez to begin to suspect Ruvik was not nearly as out of the picture as it was initially assumed he was.

On the night of Beacon Mental Hospital Massacre, Jimenez is one of the few left alive upon Detective Sebastian Castellanos's arrival on the scene.

The Evil WithinEdit

Dr. Jimenez is first encountered by Joseph Oda, Sebastian's partner, stunned but alive in a security booth located besides a nurse's station. When pressed, the confused doctor can only mutter about his shock over the seemingly impossible return of Ruvik. Presumably ambushed alongside Sebastian during Ruvik's rampage, he is again seen in the ambulance whisking Sebastian and his team (minus Joseph, separated for the time being) alongside his patient Leslie, seemingly trying to comfort the boy.

When the ambulance crashes, Jimenez is forced to face the horrors of the world around them. Seeking out a frightened and fleeing Leslie, Sebastian and Jimenez encounter each other and briefly partner up. Jimenez recalls several areas of the landscape before, eventually even spotting the villa in which his brother and Leslie's original doctor, Valerio, once worked at. Thinking Leslie likely would have fled somewhere familiar, the two enter. Within, his brother is seen gruesomely eviscerating a corpse and possibly eating it as well, and Jimenez can only watch as Valerio is killed by Sebastian. Startled by this, Jimenez again states his disbelief at this being the work of Ruvik.

Though once more separated by Sebastian and the others for a long while, Jimenez is again encountered by Sebastian while attempting some sort of experiment on young Leslie, revealing Leslie's connection with Ruvik and how Leslie may well be the only means of escape for them all.


Eventually catching up with and containing Leslie, Jimenez attempts to force Leslie via STEM to release them all, despite the obvious suffering it puts the young boy through.

It fails and the Amalgam Alpha is summoned in the chamber by Ruvik, which crushes a babbling Jimenez, his final words an exclamation of finally realizing Ruvik's intentions of escape, that he "wants out".

He is later seen lying dead in one of the STEM containers alongside the corpse of Oscar Connelly. indicating those who died within Ruvik's world died in the (presumably) real world.



Back when he knew Ruvik as a young boy, Jimenez began to take an interest in the boy's talents and intelligence in psychobiology. He worked closely with him, taking him as a protégé under his tutelage, developing a type of close teacher/student relationship. Dr. Jimenez was one of the pivotal people driving him towards the research that would eventually lead up to the STEM system; even adopting his outlook on science as "the means justifying the ends", no matter how gruesome.

He did have some concern and respect for Ruvik to a degree as shown when he was horrified at what they had done to him when integrating his brain into the STEM machine.

He however was not above using him to further his own agenda as he used his feelings for Laura to motivate him or took the credit for his majority of the research.

Leslie WithersEdit

Valerio JimenezEdit

Sebastian CastellanosEdit


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Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Jimenez shares a similar role to Luis Sera from Shinji Mikami's Resident Evil 4. Both were scientists working with the main antagonist and later turned against him, both were of Hispanic descent, both assisted the protagonist on his mission and both ultimately died.
  • Through various flashbacks and tape recordings, it was revealed that Jimenez was responsible for a majority of the victims in the Beacon Mental Hospital massacre and some of the KCPD to be connected to the STEM system, including Sebastian and his team.

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