Marta Martin
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Biographical Information
Date of Birth:Unknown
Occupation:A previous patient of Ruvik's
A test subject for MOBIUS
Physical Description
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Executioner

Marta Martin is a character that features in The Evil Within: The Executioner DLC. She is the daughter of the protagonist, Pedro Martin, who ventures through the Victoriano Manor to find her.


Marta is a mid to late teen. She seems of average height and is likely 5'5 to 5'9. She has shoulder length blond hair.

She wears a short sleeve, white collared, long, blue dress that goes down to her shins. She also wears black pantyhose and black dress shoes, She is very fair and slim.

The Executioner

Reaching her is the main objective of this DLC, she leaves behind letters targeted to her father, Pedro Martin who is in control of The Keeper, moving the story throughout the whole DLC. She talks to all other bosses in the DLC campaign, telling characteristics of them.

In one of her letters she talks about meeting with her doctor inside STEM, which is most likely referring to Ruvik as he is the one to be mentioned in her diary, and it's implied that she went to him for help. It seems he was treating her before she was sent into the machine against her father's will.

Marta's Diaries

All of the things that she wrote about her stay in the STEM machine.

1 - ``Dad,

The doctor said you were going to come help me. Are you ever going to get here? There are monsters all over the place. I'm going crazy. ``

2 - ``Are all these other people alive? Are they dead? ``

3 - `` I saw some guy killing the monsters! I think I should go meet him and see what happens. He might know Dad. But just in case he's a creep I'm going to leave my letters and stuff here.``

4 - `` That guy said he was a killer and that his job was to kill monsters. He said that he was collecting those weird tokens and made me look for them, but when I tried to put one in my pocket he started screaming and got this scary look in his eyes. He might kill me if I try to run away, he might kill me if I don't.``

5 - ``Is everyone going to turn into a monster?

There was a tall guy I walked with for a while because he was lost. He said he couldn't remember where he came from.

He was always talking to his brother even though you couldn't see him. He started to freak me out so I got out of there. Then he started chasing me and, when I looked back, he was turning into one of those things.

Is that going to happen to me? This place is so weird. Everything from before I came here seems like a long time ago.``

6 - ``How did I get here anyway? I try to think, but I can't remenber. I think it was therapy, but Dad and I fought about it? He said that Ruben guy might be able to help me, but he didn't trust him. But I had to try.``

7 - ``I'm all right. The guy with glasses didn't look like anyone I should be talking to. I can still hear his laughter in my head. I don't think he knew who he was anymore. I think the trick to keeping my mind together is to think about all the stuff I'm going to do when I get out of here.``

8 -``What was my doctor doing here? I saw him walk down the hall.``

9 -``I know I must have seen all kinds of scary things, but I can't remember, so I don't feel scared at all.``

10 -``I don't know what to do. I keep forgetting Mom and Dad's names. It's happened like five times now... I can't believe I'd forget something like that. I should tattoo them on my arm or something.``

11 - `` Hey doctor, do you know my Dad?``

12 -``The shaking won't stop. I can't remember Dad's face. I'm slowly forgetting who I am. There are all those monsters around. It's like I don't even care if they get me anymore. But at least I want to see Dad one last time.``

13 -``Where did the doctor go? Everyone's gone.``

14 -``Something is getting closer. I can feel it. I guess this is it. Sorry, Dad. I know you tried.``



"Sorry, Dad. I know you tried."
―Marta writing to her father

The keeper is her dad, she seems to love him quite a lot. Despite fighting as it is shown in the letters, he cares about her health and well-being and wants to protect her as much as possible, even risking his own life going inside the STEM to save her from death.


"Where'd that sweet little girl go? Gotta be around here somewhere."
―The Sadist talking about Marta


"He was always talking to his brother even though you you couldn't see him."
―Marta writing about Zehn


"The girl ran away. I think we-- I scared her."
―Zehn to Neun

Joseph Oda

"The guy with glasses didn't look like anyone I should be talking to."
―Marta writing about Joseph


"Hey doctor, do you remember my dad?"
―Marta to Ruvik




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