This section contains spoilers for The Evil Within.
Myra Hanson
Myra Hanson
Biographical Information
Occupation:former KCPD Detective
current Member of MOBIUS
Family:Sebastian Castellanos (husband)
Lily Castellanos (daughter)
Physical Description
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within
The Consequence
English Voice:Tazia Valenza
Japanese Voice:Rika Fukami
"Tenacious and no-nonsense - my kind of woman."
—Sebastian, writing about Myra

Myra Castellanos (née Hanson) is a minor character in The Evil Within and again another minor character in The Consequence. She is the wife of Sebastian Castellanos and had worked as a detective for the Krimson City police. She was investigating the STEM project case and later went missing.

Sebastian finds several notes from her about coming close to the end of the case. Finding out about the death of her and Sebastian's daughter, she goes further into the investigation. She later states in her crime report files that their child's death was no accident. During the game she states that she has come close to the truth and if she can't finish it then he shouldn't. She states that she hopes he never gets involved, for the sake of his own safety.

Speculation Edit

The first theory about what happens to her is:

That during the time she was investigating the fire, she discovered the existence of Mobius. They may have brainwashed her and made her a member of their corporation or willingly did so. It's also possible that she has had her memory erased, this is due to the fact she doesn't seem to recognize or care for her husband. Also as for why Mobius made her a member instead of killing her is unknown.

The other potential, though much darker, theory is:

That she was working for Mobius all along. This is backed up the fact that during Juli's interview with the female agent, the agent asks Juli, with a hint of sorrow, to give Sebastian some space. So it is possible that she is the female agent and she does remember.

Another theory is that:

Just like Ruvik has been trying to revive Laura through his memories of her, Myra may be doing the same, but to revive her daughter Lily Castellanos. She may be working for Mobius to get the STEM to work properly again, and then finally be able to rejoin her lost daughter inside the machine.

The Audio LogsEdit

In the Juli audio logs we hear the same female agent every time. It's possible that she is the female agent. The woman does sound like her and does seem to pause when talking about Sebastian, but it's not confirmed anywhere meaning this can be speculation.

The ConsequenceEdit

Myra appears during the ending cutscene in The Consequence. She approaches the now conscious Juli Kidman and tells her that her superiors are expecting a debriefing from her. She is then called over by name, by an associate. Juli, who had learned Sebastian's past earlier, repeats her name, pondering if the two are one and the same. Myra is now shown to be a member of MOBIUS and has the mark of the organization on her hand.

The ExecutionerEdit

Myra appears briefly at the beginning of the game talking to the father before he is sent inside STEM. Then later she is briefly mentioned by some of the other subjects. One calls her an old hag, meaning that she may be disliked by the subjects that go into the STEM.



The Consequence

The Executioner


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