Neun is an enemy that appears in The Evil Within and The Assignment. Apart from being Zehn's brother, he is also known for lashing out and having violent outbursts of rage. So much so, in fact, that he was forced to wear an apparatus over his head, covering his eyes and ears.

The Evil Within Edit

Neun appears in Chapter 6 in the courtyard before the church. He will angrily bust down one of the walls containing him if his brother, Zehn, is killed. He will also do this if Sebastian runs past Zehn. Zehn is much faster than his brother, and will chase Sebastian around the courtyard. If he catches Sebastian, he will squeeze his head, dealing damage. This move may be interrupted, however, if Joseph snipes him in the head. If Neun catches Sebastian with low health, he will lift him into his air by his arms and laugh in his face as he tears them straight from their sockets. Sebastian falls to his knees, and then Neun will finish him by stomping on his head. It is best to run and hide in a tomb if Neun starts chasing Sebastian. Other moves Neun uses include swiping at him with his massive hands, or kicking him.

Physically, Neun appears much less malformed than Zehn. It would seem that Neun had already broken out of his chains prior to Sebastian and Joseph's arrival. Due to his violent nature, he was chained up much more heavily, with chains kept around his ankles as well as his arms, as evidenced by the unbroken cuffs he wears. A chain is also seen protruding straight from Neun's chest as well, although he doesn't seem to be affected by this, despite the heavy amounts of blood.

The Assignment Edit

Neun also makes an appearance in The Assignment. When Juli Kidman arrives at the church courtyard, it appears abandoned, and she finds the statuettes she needs to continue forward without any interference. After she makes it past the gate puzzle, she finds herself in the wide open area where Sebastian did battle with the Sentinel. There are bushes on either side of the yard, and several wooden crates placed apart all throughout the middle. Neun is wandering around the yard, free from his containment. Juli, unarmed, will have to take a stealthy approach to get by him. It is recommended to hide behind the crates and slowly work her way up to the gate, avoiding detection. It is also possible to hide in the bushes, but it is much more risky. If Neun sees Juli, he will charge at her and lift her up by the head. He squeezes it, and then crushes her head to pieces with both hands. When Juli makes it to the gate, Neun will realize she made it past the gate, and angrily yank at the bars, to no avail.


  • Neun is German for 9.
    • Despite this, Neun comes out after Zehn (10).
  • Neun and Zehn were born as Craniopagus Conjoined twins. After defeating them, a document can be found on a desk showing two babies joined at the skull, with the names "Neun" and "Zehn" at the top.