Not Part of The Job Description is an achievement in The Evil Within


This achievement can be unlocked during Chapter 5. After the cutscene where Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda find Juli Kidman trapped in a water tank, the player must protect Joseph as he makes his way to the trap and attempts to disarm it while The Haunted pour into the room to stop him. Joseph himself must not take any damage until the next cutscene plays for this achievement to unlock.


  • While the player would most likely be tempted to hang back on the second floor balcony to provide sniper support, most of the enemies on the ground level do come from out of view, therefore it would be wiser to jump down as well and clear out the horde with a Shotgun.
  • Be especially careful with Haunted carrying dynamite, as killing them too close to Joseph will cause them to blow up and damage him.
  • Setting traps with the Agony Crossbow can also help manage enemies on the ground floor while the player picks off the dynamite tossers on the balcony.
  • Only Joseph needs to stay undamaged during the process while Sebastian is free to take hits. If all else fails and an enemy is getting dangerously close to Joseph, getting between them and taking a hit for him can be a lifesaver unless playing on AKUMU.