Oscar Connelly
Oscar Connelly
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:November 1
Date of Death:Unknown
Occupation:KCPD Patrol Officer
Physical Description
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within
The Assignment

The Executioner

English Voice:Kiff VandenHeuvel
Japanese Voice:Keiji Hirai

Oscar Connelly is a character and a police officer who appears in The Evil Within and a minor antagonist in The Assignment.  Oscar Connelly is a down-to-earth patrol officer.  His personality and attitude toward work are very casual and he has no intentions of working his way up the KCPD ladder.

The Evil WithinEdit

He drives Sebastian CastellanosJoseph Oda and Juli Kidman to the asylum and is left outside to attempt to contact others in the police department. After Sebastian initially escapes, he appears in an ambulance and drives the escapees through the now-crumbling city. During the drive, he turns into one of The Haunted just before the ambulance drives off a cliff. He survives the crash and is soon after found by Sebastian eating a dead body. He then attacks Sebastian, who is forced to kill him using the recently-acquired Handgun. Connelly's body is later found in the basement of asylum in a STEM container along with Dr. Marcelo Jimenez suggesting when he died in Ruvik's world he died in the real world.

The Assignment Edit

Oscar appears briefly in the DLC, when a transformed Oscar attacks Juli shortly after the ambulance crashes. When she attempts to fight him off, she falls down a cliff. Oscar is then shown walking away, soon after being killed by Sebastian in the main game.

The ExecutionerEdit

Connelly appears as a Haunted at the very start of the DLC, bursting through the doors of the Victoriano Mansion as The Keeper approaches. He is then used as a tutorial for the attacks and throws you can do.  This only happens in the original playthrough. Connelly will not appear during a New Game+.


  • When Sebastian encounters Connelly as an enemy, the scene is a reference to the first zombie encounter in Resident Evil, another horror game from Shinji Mikami.
  • If the player decides to run into the cave instead of fighting Connelly, when the cutscene starts Connelly will stop chasing you. Meaning that killing him is optional, though he will still be deceased in the ending.
  • He is the first enemy that Sebastian, Juli, and The Keeper face.


Concept ArtEdit




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