Pastor Salvador Graciano is a minor character in The Evil Within. He appears on one the missing person posters. Specifically on Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves Poster 5. Where to find it: After going through the marketplace (the area with the giant angel statue) you'll get a scene with Joseph. Once the scene is over, head to the save room nearby and enter the mirror. You'll find this poster in the usual place.

Apparently he and several other parishioners disappeared at Cedar Hill Church.The church had been locked up tight since their disappearance.

The Evil Within Edit

Though never physically seen, there are tons of pictures of him hung everywhere in the catacombs of the Church. Not only that but it seems that he tried to cover up the Cultish practices of the Church and even denied historians access to the catacombs when they were discovered after a floor collapse.

The Assignment Edit

Just like in Main Game, you only see him in paintings. However it seems that his eyes are bleeding. This maybe due to Juli knowing him more personally.