The Evil WithinEdit

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - November 2004Edit

Finally got my gold badge! “Detective Sebastian Castellanos”...I like the sound of that. Seems a long time coming, but they say that I’m one of the fastest ever to rise through the ranks. Can’t wait to get started. I know that I can do more good as a detective than I ever could as a beat cop. Plus I don’t have to wear that damned uniform anymore. The pay bump doesn’t hurt, either...KCPD needs all the help they can get. There’s a seemingly disproportionate amount of crime these days. Krimson City is my home, and it’s my job to protect it.

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - December 2004Edit

First day as a Detective.

My new partner, Myra Hanson, is a real firecracker. Tenacious and no-nonsense - my kind of woman. But I’ve got to watch it around her. She almost caught me checking out her ass today...

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - February 2005Edit

Myra was almost killed this afternoon - shot by a suspect we were pursuing. Thank God I was there. She’s going to be okay.

But seeing her bleeding like that, thinking I was going to lose her without telling her how I really feel, was unbearable...I think she feels the same way. There’s something undeniable between us.

It’s against the code of conduct, but I have to let her know how I feel about her. I hope I’m not setting myself up for embarrassment...

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - March 2005Edit

The bad new is that I’ve been re-assigned to a new partner. The good news is that Myra said yes!

But even the bad news isn’t so bad - Joseph is a great detective and we’re a good team. Krimson City needs more men like him on the force and it’s an honor to be working with him.

But sometimes it feels like bailing out a boat with a giant hole in the bottom. For every crime we solve, its seems that ten others are committed. The KCPD is a thin blue line protecting the populace from the criminals. But sometimes it seems like there’s more of the latter than the former...

Wedding InvitationEdit

Detective Sebastian Castellanos & Detective Myra Hanson

Joyfully Request The Pleasure of Your Company At Their Wedding Celebration

Saturday, The Seventeenth of September, 2005

At Half Past Twelve

The Veranda Hotel

Krimson City

Reception to Follow

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - May 17, 2006Edit

Eight months since Myra and I were married and you, little Lily, are the result of our love. I can’t wait for two months to pass so that I can finally meet you...

But I must admit that I am scared. I’ve faced countless dangers in my job, but knowing that I’m going to be a dad is the scariest thing of all.

I promise to love you and to protect you with ever fiber of my being as long as I am in this world. I will enter this stage of my life the same way I do every important task: with a full heart and the desire to do the best I can...Just know that your mother and I love you already and cannot wait to welcome you into this sometimes harsh world...

Lily’s Birth AnnouncementEdit

We Welcome with Love Lily Lynh Castellanos

Born July 18, 2006 9:56am

7lb., 3oz.

14 inches

Proud Parents Sebastian and Myra Castellanos

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - June 16, 2009Edit

We dropped off Lily for her first day at preschool this morning. She’s a brave girl, she seems like she’ll be fine. Myra, God bless her, has had a tough three years. Raising a baby is a full time job and she’s finally going to get the break she deserves... By break, I mean coming back to the KCPD Missing Persons Bureau. The amount of disappearances here seems to be growing. If we don’t get to the bottom of it soon, there won’t be anyone left to investigate - they’ll all be missing.

I exaggerate, of course, but there’s something going on in Krimson City that needs to be stopped...And Myra will help see to that. She’s damn good at her job and obviously happy to be back in her element...

Krimson Post newspaper clippingsEdit


Despite the KCPD’s quick and best efforts, a fast-spreading house fire took the lives of a young girl and her babysitter yesterday afternoon in the Park Ridge neighborhood of Krimson City.

Lily Castellanos, age 5, and her babysitter, Juanita Flores, 56, were unable to escape the smoke and flames that quickly consumed the single-family home. Lily’s parents, both detectives for the KCPD, rushed to the scene but were too late to save their daughter from the flames.

The blaze was finally defeated by firefighters after several hours, but the home was completely destroyed. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but initial findings point to faulty electrical wiring [continued on page 8, FIRE]

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - February 27, 2012Edit

I’ve watched friends and colleagues die before - part of the job that I’ve taken. And it’s never easy. But nothing can compare to losing your own child. I’d die a million times over to prevent it, but I can’t. I felt so helpless when they lowered that tiny coffin into the ground. The pain is unbearable. I know I shouldn’t, but drinking is the only thing that’s let me sleep for the last few weeks...

I’m worried about Myra. This has been extremely hard on her, and her way of handling it has been unnerving. She wants to be alone, has taken to staying up all night. Say she’s doing work to keep her mind off of the tragedy, but she seems to be closing herself off to the world. I know what tends to happen when couples lose a child and I hope that we’re strong enough to avoid it...

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - July 11, 2012Edit

Almost six months since the accident, Myra and I drift further apart with every passing week. I have to stay strong, but it’s so easy to drown my thoughts in whiskey. I figure as long as it doesn’t affect my work, what I do on my own time is private.

I finally got Myra to open up to me about the accident. Now I’m more worried than ever. I don’t know what’s worse - the fact that Myra is becoming paranoid and may be losing her mind, or the fact that what she is proposing - that the fire wasn’t an accident - could be real. I owe it to her to trust her instincts, but if they’re correct...god help whoever did this.

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - August 2012Edit

As if I don’t have enough to deal with personally and professionally, Joseph and I have just been assigned a rookie to train. Great. Babysitting duty. Kidman is young and green, but has that sense of entitlement that all the rookies have these days. I always catch her giving me sideways glances whenever I have to bend the rulebook a bit. She doesn’t understand that sometimes it’s part of the job if you want to break a case.

Personality-wise, she’s a cold fish. Distant. It’s her job to observe and assist, but sometimes it feels like she’s a scientist looking at samples in a petri dish. More like she’s merely watching us, instead of trying to learn from us. There’s something about her that gets under my skin but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Joseph, as usual, tells me that I’ve being oversensitive. I think he’s got a crush on her, maybe...All I know is that I’ve got to keep things close to the vest when she’s around.

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - September 1, 2012Edit

Myra is gone. I haven’t heard from her in days. Went to report it, but they think I’m crazy. Her car, her computer, some of her belongings are gone. There’s no sign of foul play. Everyone thinks that she left me.

They keep talking about my if it has something to do with Myra’s disappearance. Except that they’re not treating it as a disappearance. They look at me like I’m to blame for her leaving...But I know she didn’t leave. Someone took her. She was getting too close to something...but what?

Note from MyraEdit

My Dearest Sebastian -

If you’ve received this letter, than I fear the worst has come to pass. It means that my investigation got too close to the truth. It means that you may never see me again.

I’m sorry I kept it from you, but it was to protect you...from either the truth or my madness.

I’ve enclosed a copy of my files. I only hope that you never receive them, but if you’s up to you to finish what I started. Please, find justice for Lily. And for me.

I love you with all of my heart.


Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - December 20, 2012Edit

No word from Myra since I received the packet. I’m afraid to take this evidence to my superiors. What Myra is suggesting is horrifying and may reach corridors of power beyond my reach. But the evidence she provided is enough to convince me that Lily’s death was not an accident.

They’ve finally accepted Myra as a Missing Persons case, but refused to involve me. They say it’s because I’m family, but I think that they consider me a suspect. The investigation has stalled. But for the sake of my family, I will continue the investigation on my own...

Internal Affairs Interview Transcript - March 13, 2013Edit

INVESTIGATOR PHI: You know why you’re here?

DETECTIVE CASTELLANOS: Because you people aren’t doing your job.

PHI: You’ve been pursuing an unauthorized investigation and using KCPD resources to do so. In addition, there are reports of threats, intimidation, and physical violence.

CASTELLANOS: If you had any proof of those allegations, you’d be taking my badge and gun right now.

PHI: You’ve obviously been careful, otherwise we would have. But we’re watching you.

CASTELLANOS: You’re not the only ones.

PHI: What’s that supposed to mean?

CASTELLANOS: Keep following me. You’ll find out soon enough.

PHI: You keep drinking like you do, we won’t have to.

CASTELLANOS: I’ve got work to do. Are we finished here?

PHI: For now. But you’re on thin ice, Castellanos. If I get one more report, you’re through.

CASTELLANOS: I’ll be through when it is over.

[Det. Castellanos leaves interview room]

The AssignmentEdit

The Personal Files are collectable archives from The Assignment DLC. There are only three of these documents and each have a personal connection to the DLC's main protagonist, Juli Kidman, serving as additional storyline and character background information.

Personnel File 1: KCPD Criminal RecordEdit



CHARGE INFORMATION: Case # 4576-564-G7 Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 8467-835-F4 Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 9264-836-X3 Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 7203-194-D3 Description: <Record Expunged - Juvenile Offense>

Case # 7394-247-H3 Description: Criminal Trespass, Destruction of Property

Case # 8354-102-K4 Description: Grand Theft, Receipt of Stolen Goods

Case # 9203-710-F4 Description: Vagrancy, Underage Consumption of Alcohol

Case # 7104-846-J7 Description: Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest

Case # 7103-825-D3 Description: Burglary

Case # 8230-835-G5 Description: Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell

Case # 8493-492-W2 Description: Robbery with Use of Firearm, Assault, Grand Theft, Criminal Evasion, Resisting Arrest, Assault on an Officer

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