The Big Quell (1)
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Height:14'1" (4.3 m)
Mass:728 lbs. (330 kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within

The Quell is a boss encountered in The Evil Within.


A slithering monster that possesses multiple tentacles and the ability to camouflage, it is a creature generated by Ruvik's desire to remain unseen by others. It changes color to blend in with its surroundings and uses its long tentacles to ensnare the unwary and slay them. It has no eyes, but a large mouth that can unhinge, revealing layers upon layers of crooked, razor-sharp teeth.


Appearing only in chapter 14, the Quell is quick and agile, and will attack you primarily with its tentacles, or release slug-like beings that will leap onto the player, causing minor damage. You can dispatch these slugs for precious revolver bullets if you’re running low on ammo. It is advisable to keep your distance and utilize your Freeze Bolts to inflict damage on and temporary immobilize it, allowing you to deal additional damage, preferably with a few close-range shotgun blasts. Alternatively, you can use either Explosive Bolts or the sniper rifle; either one will inflict heavy damage. The Quell will at times back off and either activate his stealth ability and cling to a wall, or hide in one of the many pipes on the ceiling. From this position, it can be shot down with just one blast from your handgun.



  • Quell's design seems to be influenced by Novistador from the Resident Evil 4. Both creatures are able to camouflage themselves and have long limbs that they use to attack the protagonist.

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