Remnants is the second chapter of The Evil Within.


After the crash, you see people moving you on a stretcher through a hallway, and later wake up in a hospital room. Get up and speak to the nurse, who will let you out of your room. Before leaving, grab the two bottles of Green Gel in your room (one is in the toilet), as well as the newspaper on the desk. Follow her to the main room, where she will prompt you to "save your memories" which means walking up to the check-in and saving your game manually. Save, then follow her to the upgrade chair. Don't forget to grab the first map fragment behind the chair before you use it. Interact with the chair. Even if you're going for the "It is what it is" achievement (no upgrades whatsoever), this doesn't spoil it, as its part of the scene. After you unlock the chair for upgrades, the chair will start on fire and force you out that way.

After you've crawled out of the burning wreckage of the ambulance, grab the nearby items, which include your first Syringe. These heal you if you're injured, but are rare, so only use them when needed. There is also a Gel jar near the mangled stretcher. Leave the area and walk down the path through the forest.

Near some crows, there is a box. Here the game will tell you about meleeing. Use the appropriate button and melee the box. Due to the nature of these containers, you may hit paydirt or you may get nothing, but always smash them, just in case. Smash the box and pick up the Gel, then head for the brightly lit sky in the distance.

Here, you'll get your hands on the Lantern, which you use as a light source for most of the game. After a short cinematic of you falling down a cliff (no going back), approach the lit tent to see another scene and an old partner that isn't who he used to be. Because you have the Handgun, though only six shots, make them count by shooting him in the head. After he's dead (and several proclamations by the detective), loot the tent for some Gel and some boxes you can smash.

Enter the tunnel and turn on the lantern and take a left, there is some Gel past the cart. Walk back and you'll see Leslie past a tripwire. The game will tell you how to disarm it, and you'll get Trap parts in return. Now that the tripwire is disabled, walk out of the tunnel.

The next area has a cart that you can loot for some Gel and (possible) supplies. Note that you have to hop up onto the cart the get them, by walking as close as possible then "activating" and you'll be up in the cart. You'll also come across a body and be told about Matches. These guarantee a kill on a downed enemy, but are quite rare, so use them sparingly. Once you are done here, keep going and eventually you will see a small hut. Enter an you'll get a glimpse of the nurse entering the mirror. Before following her, grab the jar of Gel and the document. Enter the mirror (via on-screen instructions) and you'll be in the same room you were when you woke up from the crash. Grab the newspaper off its stand, and there's a Missing Persons poster on the tackboard hear the grandfather clock. Head to the chair to begin your first upgrade. Choose whatever you want, then exit the chair's menu and save at the desk before you exit the mirror.

Back at the forest, walk until you see (and hear) Leslie being chased into a shack by a Haunted. Here the game will tell you about sneak attacks. Sneak up on him (Make sure you have the lantern turned OFF or he'll see you! Also make sure you approach him from behind for best results.) and kill him instantly via the hints the game gives you. Once he's dead, enter the shack and hop out the window.

In the next area, eventually you'll see a bonfire and an iron gate. On a brick wall, near the gate, is a shiny statue. Keep a look-out for these throughout the game, because destroying them (via melee or a shot) rewards Morgue Keys, which unlock special containers in another part of the save room, as you will see later. Get the key and open the gate.

On the other side, after a cinematic, you now have the option to go total stealth or sneak and kill with the Knife. Eventually, the two zombies will split up; one slowly patrols the road, the other stays close to the house. Sneak up to the one on the road and kill him, then do the same to the other. Once they're gone, grab the document by the bonfire and the goods in the house, which include matches, Gel, and a tripwire to disarm for parts.

Continue on and you'll see two houses. Attack the zombie on the right, first. Sneak around him (remaining in the shadows, preferably the grassy area) and kill him with a stealth kill, then loot the house. You can also grab the Bottle on the road and throw it in his face, which will stun him for a few seconds, allowing a sneak kill, which also rewards the "Bloody Bar Brawl" achievement/trophy.

Look to the far right and you'll see a fire in the distance. Walk up the path to find a bonfire and a zombie with a torch. He patrols all over the yard, so there is no real place you can hide, but like all zombies, he gives up the chase quickly if he notices you and then you run away and hide. He also has a Torch, which you can use later. Kill him however you want, then enter the house. Inside, there are boxes to smash, and a tripwire in the hall to disarm. There's some pistol ammo on the shelf past the tripwire, and some more in the room beyond, as well as some Gel on the table. Notice the boarded up room with the bigger Gel jar. Also notice the body in the room. He's actually alive, and waiting for you to smash the boards and get the Gel. Use the torch you picked up earlier on him, and he'll die quickly. There's also a map fragment on the couch, and a morgue key in the little box on the old-fashioned sink in one of the rooms. When you're done looting, head back the way you came.

The house just up the middle of the road has a zombie that patrols left to right and will spot you if you try to sneak to him at the front. To the right side of the house is a large cart and three bear traps. Disarming bear traps is like disarming bombs: you need to be sneaking in order for them not to go off. Sneak off through the dark haybales and through a hole in the left side of the house. Approach the doorway and angle the camera until you see him. Wait until his back is turned, then sneak kill him. Loot the house, then disarm the tripwire. Sneak back out and to the right and disarm the bear traps for parts.

The last house has two more zombies: one in the house and another outside. Sneak along the dark grassy area to remain hidden. Approach the house from the left side, and wait till the zombie with the torch has his back turned before you hop in through the window and stab him in the head. Another enemy patrols the road. Wait until he's got his back turned, then sneak kill him. After, walk up the road to the gate and see two bodies close together on the ground. Burn them with a match and they'll scream in pain, showing they were just playing dead! Now, the area is totally clear of enemies, so explore as much as you want.

When you're done, open the gate and head into the next area.

Here, MAKE SURE YOU SNEAK. To the left, in the brightly lit area, are at least 6 zombies eating corpses, and if you alert them by approaching, even in sneak, they'll kill you quickly. Therefore, stay to the road and grass on the far right to avoid them.

There is a shack further up the road (directly opposite them) that has some supplies and a map fragment. Continue sneaking, and at the foot of the bridge is one zombie apart from the others, also having a cannibal's snack. Sneak kill him from behind, then quickly run to the end of the bridge to complete this chapter!



Type of Collectible Title Location Newspaper Bodies Found in Lakeside Town When you wake up in the save room check the desk for this newspaper. Missing Person Sebastian Castellanos This is only available in NG+! Leave your cell and follow the nurse to the reception area. Check out the bulletin board for this poster. Map Fragment No. 1 Still in the save rooms, check the floor behind the lobotomy chair to find your first map fragment. Personal File Log Entry - November 2004 You will find a shed with your first blood stained door. Inside, you will find this file on the table. You need to collect it in order to activate the mirror. Newspaper Serial Killer on the Loose Use the mirror and check out the news paper rack in the reception area to find this paper... Missing Person Leslie Withers ...and check out the bulletin board on the opposite wall for another poster. Key No. 1 After you jump out the window to chase Jesse but before you go through the big gate that leads to the village. Look to the left of such gate to find the first statue of the game. Document Lakeside Town Note Once in the village there will be a cutscene in which two beautiful zombies are going to be introduced to you. Check out their bonfire and you will find this document. Map Fragment No. 2 In the village, look out for a cabin on top of a hill on the right. Inside, you will find another map fragment sitting on the couch. Key No. 2 In the same house, find the bathroom blocked by planks. Crush them with your mighty melee attack and open the jewel box by the sink to find the key. Map Fragment No. 3 In the final part, where you encounter a large group of people feasting on corpses, there is a cabin to the very left (from the entry). You will find the fragment in there.

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