Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher model viewer
Weapon Information
Rate of Fire:TDL
Magazine Size:TDL
Maximum Ammunition:TDL

The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within. It is unlocked by finishing the game once, along with the Machine Gun.


The Rocket Launcher offers devastating firepower at the cost of its ammunition being nowhere to be found, as well restricting the player's movement to being unable to move while having it equipped. It is good for crowd control as long as the enemies are not nearby the player when it is used or the weapon can easily kill the user.

It is used by the Sadist in Chapter 15. Player will then need to use it, which is found on Sadist's arm, to defeat Ruvik after being impaled into a barbed wire when Ruvik hit him, sending the protagonist flying from the mounted machine gun on the truck. Player needed to aim at the exact spot to defeat Ruvik.

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