Sadist Pose
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:Unknown
Physical Description
Height:7'3 (222cm)
Mass:309 lbs. (140kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within
The Executioner
The Evil Within 2
English Voice:David Forseth
(The Evil Within)
Mitsuru Miyamoto
(The Evil Within 2)
"A creature born from the mind of a murderer merged with Ruvik's madness. He has lost himself to rage, becoming murderousness personified."
―In-game quote (found in the model viewer)

The Sadist is an enemy that appears in The Evil Within and the first enemy that the player encounters. He also appears as an enemy boss twice in The Executioner, and briefly in The Evil Within 2.


He appears as a very large man wearing a spiked metal mask which covers most of his face, a bloodied and dirty white tank-top and brown trousers. His main weapon is a large chainsaw, which he uses when attacking and pursuing Sebastian Castellanos.


The Evil Within

The Sadist is the first enemy directly encountered during the game in Chapter 1. Despite acquiring the knife shortly before encountering the Sadist, it is not possible to kill him without going to extreme lengths, (see Knife for details). The player should instead flee and attempt to hide from him.

After escaping him at the beginning of the game, the player faces the Sadist again as a boss encounter at the end of Chapter 3. The Sadist must be killed during this encounter, as the player requires his chainsaw to unlock a gate that is blocking the way. Killing it with a stealth kill unlocks the Knife Beats Chainsaw achievement.

Despite his apparent death, the Sadist appears again in Chapter 6, breaking through a large door and attacking Sebastian after he is separated from Joseph Oda. He behaves the same as in Chapter 3 except there is significantly less space to avoid his attacks.

The Sadist makes a last stand in Chapter 15, when he emerges form the exit after the final horde of Haunted. He wields a rocket launcher, but Sebastian takes cover and fires at the Sadist until he pulls out his chainsaw, charging at Sebastian. Sebastian defeats the Sadist once and for all, escaping Ruvik's Eye.

During the final boss battle with the Amalgam Core, Sebastian becomes impaled on a spike of giant barbed wire. The Sadist's corpse falls from the sky, landing next to him. Sebastian grabs the rocket launcher from his body, which falls into the vortex below.

The Executioner

Labeled as subject CB-212 in STEM reports, the Sadist was a convicted murderer connected to the STEM system. Like the Keeper, his objective was to destroy all other STEM test subjects in order to escape. While killing various Haunted, he encountered The Keeper's Daughter, who initially thought the Sadist was a good person because he too was killing the monsters. However, when she tried to assist Sadist in helping collect memory tokens, he grew angry. Fearing for her life, she fled from him without his noticing.

In order to halt STEM's influence over his daughter and get out, the Keeper was instructed to kill Sadist to advance, confronting Sadist in the Victoriano family's barn. He is slower than the Keeper, but is capable of inflicting considerable damage and can block the Keeper's hammer attacks with his chainsaw. Though he appears powerful, if the player can temporarily immobilize Sadist with a barbed wire trap, it is easy to deal heavy damage while he is incapacitated.

This unlocks the Sadist's chainsaw as a weapon that can be used by the player, available for purchase in the upgrade store. Sadist is also the first boss to be encountered in the DLC.

A separate Sadist, known as the RPG Sadist, is the fifth enemy boss in The Executioner. Though its appearance is exactly the same as the Sadist (aside from weapon choice), it is called Subject CB-205 and was listed as an ex-soldier in the real world. Upon defeat, its RPG is unlocked and available to buy in the upgrade store.

The rockets from the RPG can deal massive damage if the Keeper does not dodge in time; however, they are relatively easy to evade and the Keeper has the advantage should he get close enough for melee attacks. The player should be careful when repeatedly attacking RPG Sadist with the hammer, because the RPG Sadist can swing the launcher around and knock the Keeper off its feet if it stays too close. It may also switch weapons, taking up a chainsaw against the Keeper.

The Evil Within 2

The Sadist briefly returns in The Evil Within 2 during the boss fight with Father Theodore Wallace, who uses Sebastian's memories of STEM to torment him. Sebastian finds himself back in Beacon, in the same hallway he originally fled through. After the Sadist toys with him briefly, Sebastian finally faces down his fears of STEM, stabbing the Sadist in the neck with his knife and using his own chainsaw to nearly bisect him.


The Sadist has three signature insta-kills:

  • The Sadist slices into Sebastian's arm with his meat cleaver, knocking him down, and proceeds to chop straight through his throat while he's down, beheading him.
  • The Sadist drives his chainsaw through Sebastian's chest from behind, spewing blood everywhere. He then tosses his corpse aside.
  • The Sadist begins slicing through Sebastian's neck with his chainsaw, Sebastian pushing against him to no avail, as he is instantly decapitated.


  • His appearance and weapon of choice bear a strong resemblance to Leatherface, the main antagonist of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.
  • Aesthetically, the Sadist is also very similar to the Chainsaw Man, an enemy in Resident Evil 4, particularly in the general clothing they each wear, as well as the chainsaws they each wield.
  • It is also worthy of note that the Sadist bears several similarities with The Butcher, the titular villain of Silent Hill: Origins. They can both be witnessed goring somebody in their introductory scene, they both heavily enjoy mutilating others, they both have a butchery lair where they hang their victims remains, and they both have a face partially concealed by a metal apparatus.
  • When the Sadist first appears in Chapter 1, if player goes for stealth kill, they can kill the Sadist. This requires 16 attacks, with the player returning to hide in a locker nearby between each attack. It is only really beneficial at Akumu/Nightmare difficulty, as it is high risk and time-consuming. He is worth 5000 gel.

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