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Safe Haven (also known as Asylum or Save Room) is a recurring area in The Evil Within where the player can save the game, upgrade Sebastian's abilities and use keys to unlock storage boxes. This is also where the collected map fragments are stored and wanted posters and newspapers are collected.

This section contains spoilers for The Evil Within.

Safe Haven is first accessed in chapter 2, when Sebastian wakes up after the ambulance driven by Oscar falls into a chasm while trying to escape an earthquake. 

When Sebastian first wakes up on a bed inside a cell in The Safe Haven, he is greeted by a nurse named Tatiana, who lets him out of the cell. After this, the player is free to explore, and save in the main area, before being shown the upgrade room by Tatiana. Here, he is able to upgrade his abilities. After he upgrades for the first time an small cutscene appears and he wakes up in Oscar´s ambulance now upside down and on fire. When he goes back after getting his first key, the player is shown the back rooms by Tatiana, where they can unlock one of the many lockers to get more items, such as green gel, crossbow bolts, or more ammunition, or to check the number of map fragments the player has collected so far.

Subsequently, the Asylum can be accessed by finding mirrors in certain areas throughout the game. The mirrors are accompanied by Debussy's Clair de Lune theme. The Safe Haven lacks monsters, and provides a good deal of background information through various newspaper clippings and missing persons posters, on several bigger or smaller characters, including Ruvik, Fernando Cabrera, Pastor Salvador Graciano, Lily Castellanos, Juanita Flores, Marcelo Jimenez, Chris Taylor, Arnold Brown, Ivan Diaz and the nurse herself Tatiana Gutierrez but, once the player collects Tatiana's missing poster, she will disappear. As the player progresses through the game, more and more of the different newspapers and missing persons posters can be found. 

The Safe Haven area itself goes through a few changes as the player progresses throughout the game each time looking grimmer and dirtier than before, eventually ending on an abandoned and run down look, some paintings and drawings also appear on the walls. Despite the increasing strange phenomenon and changes that occur, the Safe Haven will not become dangerous at all. Other than Tatiana, Sebastian can also find Leslie and Ivan Diaz in the cells next to his.

If an newspaper or missing persons poster is not picked up during a certain chapter it will not appear again in the next, instead it will be switched by another one. Be sure to always check if there is anything new, because both collectibles are involved in achievements.

Collectibles Found Edit

A list of all the collectibles found inside this place.

Missing Person Posters Edit

Note: You can only get this one on a New Game+ playthrough.


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