Sebastian's Room is a key location and recurring area in The Evil Within 2. It is a safe room for Sebastian Castellanos within the STEM world of Union.

Overview Edit

Sebastian's Room is constructed from Sebastian's memories of his old office in the KCPD. It takes the place of the Safe Haven from the first game and acts as both his entry point and extraction point from STEM.

In here, Sebastian can upgrade his abilities using green gel, craft weapon upgrades and ammunition from the workbench, view slides from the projector, store collectibles in his office, and hone his shooting skills at a shooting gallery.

As well as this, Sebastian can read files relating to the Alpha Team and important figures within Union such as the Theodore Wallace and Stefano Valentini.

Areas Edit

Sebastian's Office Edit

A recreation of Sebastian's office from his time at the KCPD, this area contains a board with files on his investigation of Union. The Mysterious Objects are found in this area.

Briefing Room Edit

Photographic Slides can be used in this area and will cause Juli Kidman to talk to Sebastian when a new one is put in the projector. It's just outside Sebastian's Office. The save terminal is located in this area, as well as the mirror used to exit the place.

Shooting Range Edit

A place for Sebastian to practice his aim and obtain extra supplies.

Workbench Edit

The Workbench is used by Sebastian to upgrade weapons and craft items.

Upgrade Chair Edit

This is where Sebastian upgrades his attributes. It is first encountered after meeting with Liam O'Neal in Chapter 2 and appears as a wheelchair at the end of an empty hallway. When Sebastian sits down, the chair changes and seemingly transports him to another area that resembles the old Safe Haven. Here, Tatiana Gutierrez is present to assist Sebastian in operating the chair.

Also present are lockers that line one wall. They contain items and can be unlocked using Keys.

Trivia Edit

  • Much like Ruvik's influence invading Safe Haven, Sebastian's Room was temporarily invaded by Theodore's influence. This is marked by candles littering the area, along with the appearance of the Mu symbol on top of an altar.
  • Sebastian's keepsake trenchcoat is hung on the rack used to change outfits.
  • While using the slide projector, drinking the coffee next to Sebastian will heal him.

Shooting RangeEdit

  • The target dummies of the time trial mode are those of The Haunted. Occasionally there will be Ruvik targets as well.
  • Depending on the player's score in the shooting gallery, Tatiana will offer different dialogue, with most of them being references to either various other media, or the series itself.
    • If Sebastian scores a high amount of points, she will sometimes say that he earned a round of applause, and says that someone in Union that will provide that for him.
    • As another expression of praise, Tatiana will state: "You're the best around, detective", which is replied with "And nothing's gonna ever keep me down!" by Sebastian. This is a nod to the 1984 song You're the Best by Joe Esposito.
    • Alternatively, if Sebastian gets a low amount of points, she will sometimes say that he doesn't have to worry as she was the only one who saw him.
    • Achieving the highest possible score milestone during the score attack mode will prompt a highly-engrossed Sebastian to suddenly remind himself of his original quest.

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