Nasty doge
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Height:6'11 (2.1 m)
Mass:576 lbs (260 kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Within

The Sentinel is a boss encountered in The Evil Within.


The Sentinel used to be a standard wolf that would guard the church from intruders, before experiments began in the basement and catacombs of the church. The wolf was also experimented on, and was fed the victims sacrificed there in order to conceal the activities. It grew a taste for the "offerings" it was given, until it would eat up to six bodies a day, and still howl for more, frightening some of its keepers that they would be eaten next. It was thus kept chained in a special cage in the catacombs.


A hideous beast that resembles an oversized hound, the Sentinel appears to have been the result of the horrific experiments conducted under the church. The creature has the appearance to be that of a black wolf. It's most notable features are its oversized eye and a second mouth located in its neck as while barbed wire and several steel fragments strewn on its back and along it's legs and body, this is possibly what drives the wolf insane due to its constant pain. It's original head is non-functional.


The Sentinel can take a huge amount of damage, so it is advisable to use grenades and explosive bolts against the creature to avoid wasting too much ammo. It will often retreat into the bushes and attempt to lunge at you, but this can be prevented by shooting it in the face as it charges. Excessive damage will knock it down, giving you a few seconds to shoot it as much as possible before it gets up. If you decide to use the explosive bolts, careful shooting them at the creature's body, it will shake them off and they will explode.

The first encounter with the Sentinel is a mandatory fight and it must be fought in order to progress. In the second encounter, where you must retrieve Joseph's glasses, the Sentinel can be defeated with much the same tactics. However, if you choose to run in and grab the glasses and run back out, you can't go back in a fight the creature, as the hole in the gate cannot be used again.

When killed during the second encounter, it will drop 7,000 green gel points.


  • If the Sentinel is killed, Sebastian will state, "Bad dog."
  • Like many other enemies, the Sentinel drops more Gel if playing New Game+. In first playthrough, it will drop 7,000 Gel, but in New Game+, it drops 10,000.


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