Shigyo are enemies that appear in The Evil Within, first encountered in Chapter 11 dwelling in the flooded sections of Krimson City.


Shigyo's appearance bears a strong resemblance to the mer-creature that originated from folklore.


Shigyo is an aquatic monster born when a subject drowned during testing and their consciousness became lost in Ruvik's mental world. It dwells in the murky depths and attempts to pull under anyone who draws near. According to The Art of The Evil Within, it was previously a woman who was unhappy with how crooked her teeth were, hence the braces.


The Shigyos are only encountered in Chapter 11, inhabiting the flooded sections of Krimson City. Though they spend most of the time underwater, Shigyos would surface from time to time to indicate their presence. Once the player enters the water, Shigyo will swim towards the player. If Shigyo reaches the player, it will grab the player with its enormous jaws and drag the player underwater that will result in an instant death. Shigyos are attracted to corpses that can be used to distract them. Shooting hung corpses into the water will distract the beast.


  • The word Shigyo can be written in Kanji as 死魚, which literally means "Dead Fish."
  • An actual boss encounter with Shigyo was planned, but it was cut due to time constraints.

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