Shotgun model viewer
Found:Chapter 3
Weapon Information
Rate of Fire:Low
Magazine Size:4 (Initially)
Maximum Ammunition:4 (Initially)

The Shotgun is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within. Sebastian Castellanos finds it during Chapter 3 in the same house as the Agony Crossbow on the first story in the room next to the entrance to the house.

Gameplay Edit

The Shotgun is quite useful against crowds of Haunted or bosses. The damage dealt gets weaker when fired from a certain distance due to the spread of pellets, being a close-ranged weapon. Its ammo is quite scarce as well as less plentiful, usually found in packs of 1-4. Furthermore, the shotgun has a much smaller tube capacity than the Handgun, but it is an effective 'close-encounter' weapon as it takes slightly less effort to aim at enemies. This, however, can be the weapon's downfall, as it is overall less precise than other weapons.

Tips Edit

  • This weapon is useful in a crowd control situation. Knocking back enemies with this weapon and following up with burning downed Haunted can save you plenty of its ammo.
  • It is also useful in boss fights for its potential knockback. The shotgun is less reliable, however, than the Agony Crossbow in terms of raw knockback and the chance to halt bosses, especially the Keeper.
  • Due to its high power, it is great for spewing damage against bosses and larger enemies.
  • Due to the spread of the shells, it can be used as an effective retreat weapon against hordes of the Haunted. It can also be used against bosses in a similar manner.

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