"This pump-action shotgun has a short barrel and a wide choke sending pellets over a short but wide area."
―Inventory description.

The Shotgun is a weapon obtainable in The Evil Within, and serves as the first real powerhouse in Sebastian Castellanos's arsenal.

The Shotgun can be found during Chapter 3, in the same house as the Agony Crossbow in a metal case on the second floor.


The Shotgun packs a decent punch at close range, and is a quite useful crowd controller against mobs of The Haunted. It is also blessed with great mobility due to its capacity for blind-firing while on the move. Because of its high damage potential, the Shotgun is a great choice against bosses, provided there's enough ammo.

With that said, the Shotgun is not without drawbacks, as by its own nature it is horribly inaccurate at any range beyond point-blank, and reliably landing shots even at medium ranges can be a challenge as it lacks any sort of accuracy upgrade. Its stopping power also drops like a stone against distant targets as well, making it a strictly-close-ranged weapon. The Shotgun's small starting capacity is also something to frown at, which is not helped by how long the initial reload times are. Last but not least, the buckshots that it uses are quite rare in the first third of the game, and unless significantly upgraded, cannot be kept in large enough quantities to be wholly useful.

Double Barrel ShotgunEdit

"This type of side-by side, double-barrel shotgun is widely used for its light and sturdy construction."
―Inventory description.

Players who own the pre-ordered or special editions of the game are granted the Double Barrel Shotgun for free upon starting Chapter 3. This variant of the Shotgun deals 150% base damage and fires in an effective two-shot burst from both barrels, giving it very high DPS. This is counterbalanced by its inability to receive most upgrades available to the normal Shotgun, though upgrading the regular variant's ammo stock also increases that of the Double Barrel.


Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
100% Firepower 120% Firepower 140% Firepower 160% Firepower 200%
GreenGel 3,500 GreenGel 8,000 GreenGel 16,000 GreenGel 28,000
Damage upgrades are not shared with the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Fire rate
1.60s Fire rate 1.50s Fire rate 1.40s Fire rate 1.30s Fire rate 1.10s
GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 7,000
Fire Rate upgrades are not shared with the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
3.16s Reload 2.30s Reload 1.81s Reload 1.58s Reload 1.27s
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 6,000 GreenGel 10,000
Reload Time upgrades are not shared with the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Clip size
4 Clip size 5 Clip size 6 Clip size 8 Clip size 10
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 4,000 GreenGel 7,000 GreenGel 12,000
Capacity upgrades are not shared with the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Max ammo shotgun
4 Max ammo shotgun 6 Max ammo shotgun 8 Max ammo shotgun 10 Max ammo shotgun 20
GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 4,000 GreenGel 6,000 GreenGel 15,000
Ammo Stock upgrades are shared with the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Tips Edit

  • This weapon is most effective when used against large crowds, with one unupgraded shot being capable of one-hit kills against lesser enemies most of the time. Those not killed by the blast are usually knocked down and exposed to an instant kill via a match.
  • It is also useful in boss fights for its potential knockback. The shotgun is less reliable, however, than the Agony Crossbow in terms of raw stopping power and the chance to halt bosses, especially The Keeper.
  • Making educated use of the shotgun's blind-firing ability can be a game-changing advantage, as it lets the player retaliate against approaching enemies while retreating, or kite them until they die.


  • The Shotgun is modeled after the Winchester M1897, "Riot" variant, and is additionally modified with a custom heatshield and short barrel. The peculiar shape of its pump suggests it was also partly based on the Franchi SPAS-12 as well.
  • The Shotgun's two-rounded reload is a reference to its many counterparts in the Resident Evil series, particularly the ones in games 4 to 6 where only two shells will be inserted into the gun regardless of how many were spent.