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This article is about the weapon obtainable in The Evil Within. For the rifle of the same name in The Evil Within 2, see Sniper Rifle (TEW2).
"This unusual-looking rifle is bolt-action and has a scope. It looks old but appears to have been well cared for."
―Inventory description.

The Sniper Rifle is a weapon in The Evil Within.

Sebastian Castellanos first finds it at the start of Chapter 6 while travelling with Joseph Oda, who later uses an identical rifle as well.

Overview Edit

The Sniper Rifle covers the long-ranged part of combat in the game, being able to accurately place shots where other weapons couldn't, and comes with a scope to make life easier for Sebastian when engaging distant enemies. It boasts a tremendous amount of damage per shot, capable of plugging most non-boss enemies with just one or a few headshots and even has an upgrade line that amps this up even further.

Unfortunately, having a scope means that the Sniper Rifle is next to useless up close, with its blind-fire being unable to hit the broad side of a barn, while its sight is too cumbersome to effectively use. It also fires rather slowly, and Sebastian has to scope out after every shot to cycle the bolt, which can make him lose track of his targets. Last but not least, it is exceedingly hard to make viable long-term use of this weapon due to its extremely scarce ammo, being the second-rarest in the game next to Magnum shots. This is even worse on higher difficulties, where enough ammo to fill up even one full magazine is hard to come by.

High-Penetration Sniper RifleEdit

"Upgrades to the barrel and action of a standard sniper rifle have given it a superior penetration power."
―Inventory description.

A police variant of the Sniper Rifle appears as the unlockable High-Penetration model. It is unlocked for a New Game+ save after collecting all 28 Map Fragments and is identical to the normal Sniper Rifle in every way stats-wise, with the only added effect of being able to pierce up to three lined-up enemies with a single shot.

Upgrade progress are shared between the normal and High-Penetration rifles.


TEW1 Sniper icon
Base Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
100% 120% 140% 160% 200%
GreenGel 4,000 GreenGel 8,000 GreenGel 18,000 GreenGel 30,000
Fire rate
1.60s 1.30s 1.10s 1.00s 0.80s
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 6,000 GreenGel 10,000
3.83s 3.41s 3.07s 2.56s 2.04s
GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 2,000 GreenGel 7,000 GreenGel 12,000
Clip size
5 6 7 8 10
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 9,000 GreenGel 20,000
0% 20% 40% 60% 100%
GreenGel 1,000 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 5,000 GreenGel 8,000
Max ammo rifle
5 6 8 10 15
GreenGel 1,500 GreenGel 3,000 GreenGel 6,000 GreenGel 10,000
Legend: Firepower Firepower, Fire rate Fire Rate, Reload Reload Time, Clip size Clip Size, Critical Critical, Max ammo rifle Maximum Ammo
Upgrade stats are replaced by the next tiers and do not stack.

Tips Edit

  • The Sniper Rifle is strictly a long-ranged weapon. Do not even think about using it up close unless the enemy is within an arm's reach.
  • It can be effective against bosses due to its sheer power, but its clumsy handling can make quick attacks near-impossible if cornered. Compounded with the fact that most bosses are relatively agile anyway, this makes the Sniper Rifle usually unsuitable to use in such situations.
  • Investing Green Gel into Critical chance upgrades can be more worthwhile than trying to raise the Sniper Rifle's damage, as it guarantees a non-boss kill per headshot regardless of enemy health, and is economically cheaper by a vast amount to boot (GreenGel 17,000 vs GreenGel 60,000).


  • The Sniper Rifle was based on the Springfield M1903A4, with a skeletonized stock and a metal brace bolted to the underside of the main receiver.
    • The High-Penetration model is instead based on what appears to be a Remington Model 700PSS, though with the Springfield's bolt and action which is likely what allowed the two to share ammo.
  • Certain Haunteds also use the Sniper Rifle against Sebastian and Joseph. Unlike the one used by the heroes, their rifle scope emits a very bright glint to signify that they have a bead on Sebastian and are ready to fire.