Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle model viewer
Found:Chapter 6
Weapon Information
Rate of Fire:Low
Magazine Size:5 (Initially)
Maximum Ammunition:5 (initially)

The Sniper Rifle is a weapon that appears in The Evil Within. Sebastian Castellanos finds it at the start of chapter 6. The weapon is shown to have a scope and causes high damage to enemies, possibly due to its high caliber.

Gameplay Edit

As a scope based rifle, it is designed to deal large amounts of damage even at range. The downside is that the weapon is heavily disadvantaged against hordes of the Haunted. It can be fired without zooming in like other weapons, but the chances of hitting an enemy is greatly impaired; larger targets like bosses can be hit more easily. The weapon does require a bolt-pull after every shot, and in some cases Sebastian may walk forwards during a bolt. Caution is advised when sporting this weapon.

Tips Edit

  • As a precision based power weapon, it's perfect for dealing with the Haunted at range to avoid going toe-to-toe or to pick off firearm wielding Haunted. It can also be used to soften hordes as long as headshots are used to effect.
  • It can be effective against bosses due to its sheer power, but the chance of knockback is much less than the Agony Crossbow and the Shotgun.
  • Because the player is forced to zoom when aiming the weapon, this might not be practical when fighting the Haunted up close, but with practice, it can be used to the advantage of the player to score headshots.


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