Survivors are civilians that have not been turned into members of the haunted . During the course of the game, Sebastian encounters several survivors being attacked by the haunted, he will have the choice of saving them, or letting them die, whether they are saved or die does not affect the course of the game or ending in anyway, but you will often be rewarded if you save them, one example will be when walking to the bonfire after killing Valerio , one of the haunted will be seen carrying a woman yelling and pleading for help towards the bonfire, if the haunted is shot or melee'd, it will drop the woman and turn it's attention towards Sebastian.

The woman will quickly get up and run away into the nearby shed, where she will fade away and leave some green gel as a reward for saving her. If the haunted is not interrupted in time, it will throw the woman onto a large metal spike sticking out of the fire, impaling and killing her.

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