Syringe (also known as Medical Syringe) is an item found in The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, used to regenerate a portion of the players' health. It has the appearance of two chambers for liquids and two needles.

Gameplay Edit

Sebastian Castellanos injects himself in the arm with the syringe to regain a portion of health. It only restores a small portion of health at first, however, when fully upgrading the Syringe Recovery, it will restore large portions of Sebastian's health. He can only carry 2 syringes by default but can carry up to 4 if the syringe's stock is fully upgraded.

Medical PouchEdit

Medical Pouches are upgrade items found in The Evil Within 2. They allow Sebastian to carry more Medical Syringes in his inventory.

Trivia Edit

  • Two syringes are used as stabilizers on the upgrade chair, as witnessed during the sitting and upgrading animation. Exactly how these are ever used is unknown, since the plungers are not connected to anything and the needles don't extend far enough to even touch Sebastian, much less pierce his skin.